Kat and Dan live in Miami, you know where it’s nice. They were welcomed back home to some cold temps and lots of rain. I looked it up, the day I shot this we got 1.18 inches of rainfall. Nice right? Ugh… What to do? Embrace it, grab an umbrella and insert this good looking couple into the rainy scenes, covered doorways and abandon buildings. Shoots like this are the ones you remember which is why I was more than happy to go with the flow and capture some nice images for them.

I cant wait to get these two back in front of the camera in July. Their wedding is at a sweet location that’s going to provide some stunning images. Plus, their a pretty freaking awesome duo and fun to spend time with. Kat and Dan, thanks for playing in the rain!


Meet Kat and Dan..
There is nothing like a clear umbrella I love the way they let the light in!
super cool doorway in Troy.
yellow is my favorite hue..
I love all the color in this one.
Rain can be fun too..
probably one of my favorite images from this first set.
a fun little series…
Love this image on the right. Dan, you have a beautiful fiancé.
eventually the rain stopped!
rocking the Elario Configuration like pros..
vibrant colors continue to appear.
speaking of color! love this one… LOVE IT!
I love how the colors scream. I know I keep saying it but wow.
so beautiful.
I teased this one on my facebook page. My secret location.
How to make an abandon building beautiful.
Dan referred to this location as my “kill room” (dexter reference)
another easy favorite.
So pretty..
and my token “bling shot” will wrap this one up.
oh the turnaround.. Dan killing the blue steel here. See you two in July!!


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