kate & alex: a fenway park engagement session

Thats right! What you are about to see here is one of the coolest locations I’ve ever shot in with one of my favorite 2010 couples Kate & Alex. You might remember these two from a little studio shoot I posted back in April. Well, that little shoot was where the idea of this engagement session was conceived. At the end of our studio session Alex mentioned to me that he worked for the Boston Red Sox as security back in 2001 thru that memorable season or as I say the season that never happened, 2004. He told me he often worked right in the dugout with the players. How cool is that? Anyway as soon as he mentioned this a bell went off in my head and I was like, “how cool would it be to shoot your engagement session in the park? Do you still have connections?” Alex did and he delivered. He contacted his friend & neighbor Juliet back when he lived in Beantown. Juliet works for the Red Sox as the Aware Manager so she was kind enough to meet us over at there and bring us all around the park. Everything that needed to work worked. We were in Boston for two Dave Matthews shows at Fenway, the Red Sox were out of town (obviously) and Kate and Alex were free. The only thing was that PHISH was playing in Fenway that night so the field was not only off access but visually it had chairs and a protective flooring oh and the huge stage located in center field. Needless to say there was a lot of stuff to shoot around but now that I think about it there’s not a damn thing I’d change about this shoot. One of the bonuses while shooting was PHISH was sound checking so we had some nice music while shooting. At one point when we were shooting Trey from PHISH said something like “hey pretty lady” or “having fun pretty lady?”, I bet he was talking to Kate.

Enjoy, leave love,

ps. I’m a yankee fan (sorry i had to sneak that in somewhere)

We’ll start out on Yawkey Way which is where most people start out at a game…

The PHISH fans were all over the place…

In front of Gate A

Lets get some tickets and get in this place already!

After Juliet brought us in thru the employees entrance this was was waiting for us with nice light. A little vintage sox here…

For my faithful readers you know what I was doing here with the seven right? If not, it’s their day. The seventh… but what month an year?

These seats are so legit, fenway style.

Another number here, 10…. their year: 2010. We’ll get to their month in little bit….

Use the light the best you can… a silhouette. But look how big Kate’s bling is!

These guys are so fun.

I have a lot of favorites from this shoot but hands down this is easily my favorite. Kate & Alex, on their backs, on top of the dugout. How cool?

Another fav…

Right field roof deck anyone?

A little baseball trivia. The red seat means what? Back in 1946 Ted Williams hit a bomb off the Detroit Tigers all the way back to it. 502 feet. Do any other Yankee fans think its funny that Alex changed into his pinstripes here? 😉

On the monstah!

One of the most coveted seats in the whole park.

We had to get some a couple solos…

Ok so the 8… yep August is their month… August 7, 2010… stay tuned.

And of course. Here’s my trademark “bling shot” on the monstah

A few more fun shots….  Here is the entourage from L-R: Yours truly, Kris Ann, Kate, Alex, Sara (Kate’s sis, can ya tell?) & Juliet the person to make it all happen.

Here is Kris Ann’s photography debut on the blog… all snap shots. Great job Kris Ann….

This shot rocks, look at Trey from PHISH jamming out while we were shooting…

I’m all about good angles.

In right field…

So I needed some support for my bling shot since I wanted some height and I’m short. LOL. Thanks Juliet!

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