kate & alex: a little studio shoot

Yesterday we both shot some portraits of an upcoming 2010 bride & groom in the studio. Not to be confused with engagement shots these are just some fun and nice portraits. Kate & Alex are a super fun couple and real easy to photograph! We had a great time photographing these guys yesterday it was just too easy. I really look forward to not only shooting their wedding but also their engagement shoot sometime this summer. Kate and Alex have some great ideas as to where their shoot might take place be sure to keep your eyes peeled for that one.


We’ll start off with a nice well lit portrait.

We did have fun though. I put the fan on and told Kate & Alex to work it out. Actually I told them to be goofs and this is what we got…

Just an outtake with the Big Joe.

But now a few more serious ones…

What a great looking couple!

But there’s NOTHING like that good old natural window light. I enjoy shooting in the studio but I’ve yet to see a light source as nice as the available one outside.

next one

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