kate & francois tie the knot

Well after a much deserved two week hiatus we’re back in full swing and there’s no stopping…. not until November at least. So we set off the 2nd half of our season with an awesome wedding. Kate & Francois had a wonderful reception at Kate’s parents house in Slingerlands. It was obviously an outdoor event and with this summers weather you just never know what to expect until the day of and this day turned out to be an outdoor weddings dream. Their ceremony was at St Thomas Church in Delmar by one of the coolest officiants ever, Father James Walsh. After the ceremony guests were bussed to the reception where who other then the Glen Sanders team was waiting with champagne and hors d’oeuvres. We also worked alongside John & Diane from Video Craft and they did their thing capturing all the motion. Huge props to Katie O’Malley the VP of Sparkle & Romance for Destination Bride, you’ll hear me from time to time say how great wedding planners are, all brides should consider them. Also every wedding needs a cherry on top and thats where David Michael Schmidt of Renaissance Floral Design comes into play. The flowers and linens looked stunning. So Kate, Francois and the Noonan family, thanks for having us and congrats to you all.

Enjoy, leave love,

A good looking crew of ladies…

I love the juxtaposition here:

That same group of ladies…

Kate really had an elegant & classic look.

Fracois sees his bride for the first time.

A nice little moment.

How bout Kate’s hair? Props to my mom Theresa. Thats right, my mom’s one of the best stylist around.

Two different angles of the same moment:

A classic b&w combo here:

Katie & Fracois had the band Body & Soul on the scene. The guests were dancing all night long.


Normally I don’t show group shots here but with all these good looking people I thought why not.

So then the real photographer showed up. David Michael Schmidt of Renaissance Floral Design & Katie O’Malley from Destination Bride

As the night got darker the room changed colors.

Another shot I normally don’t show but I liked it… Kate did not do a garter, most brides don’t 😉

So I’ll leave you with something new we’re offering. The do it yourself photo booth. Thats right, guests can walk into this mini studio and simply click the button on the remote in Kate’s hand and take their own pictures. So here’s a small sampling of some of those images… the later the night gets the more interesting the images become. Upcoming brides and grooms let me know if your interested.

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