November 23rd 2013 was as any Saturday in late November might be, chilly. 🙂 We set off the day in the newly renovated bridal suite in Franklin Square which is right across the street from Franklin Plaza. The usual suspects were on this one, Mrs. Alayne Curtis from  Make Me Fabulous and Katie O’! Gotta love having those two on the wedding day team! After our bride was dressed, ready and had a first look with Dad it was time to head out into the cold and take some pics! Kate and Ian were so awesome in regards to it being a chilly one. Not to mention we worked pretty darn quick to keep things moving along and made sure everyone was comfortable.

After our session in Troy, it was back to the plaza for a wedding ceremony. Kate and Ian’s friend married them and he was just great. We’ve seen a lot of brides and grooms having their friends be the officiant for their weddings. I love how personal the ceremony becomes. After that it was party time and Franklin Plaza as always cranked out the meals in lighting fast speeds to make sure Music Man Mike Garrasi had plenty of time to rock the house. I noticed later in the night it began to snow so I of course took Kate and Ian outdoors for a couple snow shots because after all it was beautiful. These are easily my favorites from the day!!

Kate and Ian, thank you for having us!! You could not have made our final wedding of the 2013 season more enjoyable and fun. You’re both so darn cute and I wish you nothing but the best in the years ahead!! Congrats!


some pretty details to set it off..
VT Hokies!
getting all types of Fabulous by Alayne!
Ian and the boys get dapper.
so pretty!
1st look with Dad..
so sweet!
The Franklin Plaza!
Kate’s bridal party and her “bro-maid”, Butters.
It looks a lot warmer than it was!
1st look
and Ian surprised her with a gift!
The men..
now it’s time for some bride and groom photos..
love this one..
these bare trees were so cool!
I love the way the shapes made all these wild patterns.
a little twirl..
“just one more” I said like 5 times..
love the blue shoe poking out..
work it, ya’ll…
just a small spot of color left for 2013..
and they wanted the iconic alley way shot! when in Troy..
ceremony space!
On deck with Dad.
asking for his daughters hand.
Ian watching his bride make her way down.
tying the knot in the plaza.
all parents watching on..
it’s official!
and Dad could not wait to stand and applaud.
Mr & Mrs..
Some details..
Fun seating chart by, Kailin Curtin.
1st dance!
and now this one.. LOVE IT!!! Over 400 likes and 50 comments on Facebook! Thank you all for the love!!
oh it was pretty out there!
cake, cake, cake..
congrats you two!!!


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