Kate & Jason’s Boston Engagement Photos

I love shooting engagement photos in Boston! Really, what’s not to love about this town? Everywhere I pointed the camera seemed to be awesome. Shooting these guys in Boston was super fun and easy as well. The locations they chose were perfect! I also enjoyed having an assistant on this one, Kate’s sister, Colleen. Thanks for all your help, homie! Kate and Jason are tying the knot next September and we’ll be there to capture it too. We’re all looking forward to having you back on the blog next year but in the mean time enjoy these fabulous engagement photos!! Thanks for having me come to Boston!!


Meet Kate and Jason..
The fun part of walking around beantown during this session was stumbling on some sweet spots to shoot at.. this was one of them..
and of course when the light sprinkles through the trees!
loving all the lines..
A little hint of fall….
Beacon Hill alleyways are always a good spot.
I’d love to move into this place..
Loving the way the flag was being lit up here.
So funny.. when I found this spot I showed Jay how I wanted him to lean in the doorway not realizing theres a good difference in our heights. I turned around and he was crammed in there, we all got a great laugh out of that!!
One of my favorite spots..
bling it in..
The yellow accents in this images are so sweet.
The seaport was a great spot to continue the session at..
I especially loved the yellow (my favorite color) dress… It just pops off the buildings.
and the little hint of sunlight…
These two!! Love them!
A little switch up with the boots… nice touch.
How about the texture in the water?
The pretty, Kate..
and of course, I always end my sessions with my token “bling shot”
and the turnaround with Kate’s sis, Colleen! 🙂 see you all soon!!


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