kate & kyle: the inn at erlowest

I’m so happy that Friday September , 7th was an awesome day! Kate & Kyle most definitely deserved it! Back when Kate inquired she told me this in her email: “I basically already told my fiance that we would schedule the wedding date around dates your open!”  To say I was flattered would be an understatement! Wow! So then we find a date that works for us and they choose The Inn at Erlowest. For the time leading up to their wedding all I could do was hope and pray the weather would be perfect, and boy was it! Lets just say THANK GOD it was not the following day because all it did that day was rain!! Kate and Kyle got the good weather last weekend for sure!

Again on this one we’d find ourselves working with, Katie O’ Make Me FabulousAl Woodard and Music Man Entertainment! How lucky to have them two weddings in a row?? Another all star vendor on this one was Fleurtacious Designs! I know I write this a lot but boy are we lucky to work with all those people so often. They all make wedding day so easy, beautiful and fun! So after we did all the first look photos, family pics and all the other groups shots we ventured up the road to The Sagamore for their ceremony. How lucky to be at the two best wedding places in Lake George in the same day? It’s like the best of both worlds! We’ve shot so many ceremonies down by the lake at the Sagamore but this one was different. It was pretty much right around sunset. The light was amazing and beautiful, as was their ceremony. After the ceremony there was a surprise waiting for Kate. Kyle got the hookup and arranged for a nice wooden boat to transport them back to the Erlowest. This was the highlight of my day for sure. It was awesome and I love all the images I captured on the boat! Once cocktail hour was wrapping up there was another surprise! Kate’s, father surprised everyone with an awesome fireworks show on the lake!! That rocked!! After that it was party time and it was a super fun reception too! The room looked awesome, the photo booth was crazy busy and I loved watching these two enjoy their wedding!

Kate and Kyle, your wedding was most definitely off the chain! I knew it would be. You’re both amazing people and I can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed getting to know you over this past year. I wish we could do this every year!!! Thank you SO MUCH for choosing your wedding around our open dates. That means more to us than you know. Thanks for being awesome. Congrats again and again! I wish you many years of heath and happiness! Hope Italy is treating you well!


I know you all remember their NYC engagement session

Cut to September 7th 2012…

Loving all the sparkling Jimmy’s this year…

The rings on this awesome little ring bearer thing Fleurtacious Designs made..

Finishing touches..

Our bride, Kate getting ready..

Love this one..

Seriously she’s not even trying here.

More awesomeness from Fleurtacious Designs

Hey ladies..

A first look with Dad..

and  a first look with Kyle.. So awesome!!

Kyle’s got the best groom reaction EVER…

The boys..

The whole crew…

Back to our stunning bride!

Every now and then Big Joe will bust out the Leica M9.. here is one with that..

How pretty is this view???

Another AWESOME pair of socks..

Working it..

Such a cute couple..

The Sagamore

Great colors by Fleurtacious Designs

Love this series..

The. light. was. amazing.

The Sagamore is heaven.

Kate’s Uncle married them too!

Mr & Mrs..

Normally I dont blog shots of couples kissing on the lips but this happened and I love it. BOOM!

aaah.. my facebook teaser image. I love this one too. Its like the seated Elario Configuration!!

a twist on the same shot with the Leica M9

and the classic Elario Configuration

I’m on a boat!! 😉

hands down my #1 favorite image from the whole day…. no doubt this makes our walls!

Picking up the speed a bit..

The boat ride was fun.. Thanks for allowing me to ride along!

Kate’s fathers awesome firework surprise!

The Erlowest ballroom by Fleurtacious Designs

Making an entrance!!

1st dance…


Music Man Entertainment knows how to pack the dance floor!!!

Love the seriousness!!

They all had way too much fun!!


Congrats you too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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