kate & kyle’s new york city engagement session

I love shooting in NYC! Especially when everything just meshes and comes together. What I mean is the clothing and locations could not have been more perfect throughout this whole shoot. Plus Kate and Kyle are just super photogenic! I knew this was going to be a good one. Kate’s enthusiasm about working with us makes me so pumped for their big day! I’m so pumped to get these two back in front of my camera on September 7th 2012!! Photographing you guys was not only easy but fun. We should totally do this once a year! See ya soon!


Meet Kate & Kyle…

Our first location was Bryant Park… I love this place.

How perfect is this color palette?

I love this image..

Classic b&w..
another favorite from the first set..

Killin’ the configuration.

The super photogenic and stunning, Kate.

A trip downtown to Kyle’s old apartment where these two met..

This scene is fun..

another perfect color palette..

off to location #3

This one is funny because we just started shooting here and when I turned around there were a ton of tourists shooting over  my shoulder. Maybe they thought Kyle was Ryan Seacrest? 😉

On top of the Rock.. what a sweet view!

I love this b&w..

My facebook teaser..

The highest “bling shot” evahhh!!

and the turnaround!

when we got back to ground I thought, why not one more… see you two in 6 weeks!!

next one

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