Kate & Mike’s Saratoga National Wedding Photos

The beauty of fall continues this week with Kate and Mike's Saratoga National wedding photos!! I would say there are most definitely some peak foliage images in this blog post. Also, it was my birthday so that made it even more special!

After our getting ready photos, we set off the photo portion of the day in Congress Park. The park was looking good with a lot of great pops of color throughout it. I just loved their first look images and the bright tree behind Mike, it made that moment that much more beautiful. After that we motored through our family shots, bridal party image and of course some bride and groom images. I thought what we got in Congress Park was off the hook, until we arrived at Saratoga National. Every year at Saratoga National in October there is this amazing blast of color in the same spot and this year it did not disappoint at all! “Wow!” is really all I’ve got when thinking about that clip of images in the trees.

Next up was ketubah! Rabbi Scott Shpeen was in the house too! We love that guy, what a trip! After the ketubah ceremony we all headed downstairs to the tent for the after sunset ceremony. The Rabbi had everyone laughing and smiling as he always does. Then it was time to party. Uptown Swing took the stage and rocked the house. Although noteworthy moments were when Kate’s Father, Jimmy sat in with the band and of course MC Spec AKA Mike AKA the groom rapped for the whole wedding! So many fun times had by all on October 12, 2013!

Kate and Mike, thank you guys!! Spending my birthday with you and your families was a treat. We all enjoyed your wedding and capturing you during the most beautiful time of the year added to the fun. I wish you guys the very best in the years ahead, keep smiling.


Getting ready in the hotel..
We all love Kaitlin and the girls at Strut Spalontique!
The flowers were such a nice touch to Kate’s gown..
The ladies!
Our pretty bride, Kate.
Kate also made all the bridesmaids jewelry!
1st look!
The fellas..
Our bridal party..
The classic Saratoga Springs wedding photo…
Mmmm some nice colors…
I absolutely love this one..
Look at MC Spec getting all romantic πŸ˜‰
aaaaand here we go! LOVE IT!!!!!!
The colors were outrageous!
not to mention the way the light was!
serious beauty right here..
gotta love a forehead kiss.
and one on the bridge because after all it’s Saratoga National…
Bling bling..
Making it official..
Wedding time!
The proud parents..
Listening to the Rabbi..
Mazel tov!
Mr & Mrs…
The beautiful ballroom..
Party time!
I say this every time I post this image but I think the hora should be mandatory at weddings. So much fun!
Kate’s men rocking the mic.
The Elario Photo Booth!! Mint Chevron!!!
I’m with the band..
congrats you two!


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