kate & tim engagement session

Ahh!! I just love this fall engagement session with Kate and Tim! What a photogenic couple these two are. Not to mention, Tim, is a long time Elario Blog Stalker! That makes him that much more cooler in my opinion! Anyway for a while we went back and forth with trying to find the right location for these guys. We landed in Schenectady’s Central Park for the first half of the session. We wanted to get some fall colors so this location worked perfectly. After that, we headed into the Stockade section which was awesome! I might sound like a bit of a skipping record but I had a blast photographing these guys! I just love what I do and the clients we get make it easy to have fun! We’re looking forward to the big day next September so we can do it again!! Thanks so much guys!


Meet Kate and Tim.

loved this spot.

the best thing about the fall is when all the pine needles hit the ground and change color.

another favorite of mine.

Ahh. the configuration the beautiful Kate! What a combo!

Nice ride!! Thanks to Tim’s brother, Craig, for sharing this amazing prop!

the location is to die for.

I love this door!!


The blue door was sweet too..

just a couple nice b&w’s..

holy bling!!

one last spot.

and my token “bling shot”

plus the “eyebrow” turnaround. thanks so much guys!!!

next one

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