katelynn & wallen: hall of springs

On Friday October 14th 2011 we pulled up to an awesome hidden gem of a bed & breakfast in Saratoga Springs. Katelynn rented out The Springwater Bed & Breakfast for her family and bridesmaids to get ready in. I thought this place was awesome and only hope more of you brides and grooms out there consider beautiful alternative’s like this for your getting ready locations. Yes, it was raining again! Has it stopped raining? No, it has not. Whatever, I aint skurrrrd of no rain and neither was Katelynn or Wallen. In all honesty though, the rain had no factor on our day because our locations were bullet proof or waterproof 😉 . Anyway, we then headed to the beautiful Hall of Springs. I always say this is the best venue to be at if its raining. All those outdoor coverings really help! Once our first look went down we banged out all the photos and captured some really beautiful stuff of our bride and groom. Then it was time for a wedding! The room was decorated beautifully by Experience and Creative Design. Seriously those were some tall drapes!! After that the party was in full swing. The Hall of Springs smoked this one. I loved all the creative food stations! Its nice to see something a little different and out of the box. Props to Katelynn and Wallen for going for it! Did I mention DJ Music Man Mike Garrasi had the floor packed all night? Al Woodard was getting some crazy dance footage of this couple!  This was a great wedding to set a three wedding weekend off with! I’ll take a couple like Katelynn and Wallen any day of the week! Seriously guys, we had so much fun with you out there dodging raindrops. Your friends are hilarious and your families are awesome. Thank you so much for kicking it with the Elario boys on 10.14.11! Enjoy wine country (I like reds). Stay happy and keep smiling!


Some awesome details.

Oh its like that huh? Hotness.

Tis the season…

Getting all types of pretty..

I like this peeking in shot.

Groovy bouquet, stunning bride.

Going up?


How about those blue eyes?

Hey ladies!


Mr GQ.. Wallen, looking sharp my dude. I love me a Burberry tie.

First look!

What a reaction!

We laughed a lot during this picture thanks to Donna from the Hall of Springs 😉

Ok, one more.. right after this it started to rain pretty good..

but you wouldn’t know it was raining behind them..

It really was easy photographing these two.

I love this one.

A rainbow tried to sneak out for like 30 seconds..

I do love this one a lot and thats why this was my facebook teaser.

Oh the color..

More color.. why not?

It was raining a little.. very lightly but they were game! I love this image.

Digging the ceremony in the round.. Something different.

Love a candle light ceremony.

Mr & Mrs..

Fun centerpieces.

The linens were cool too!

From the point they entered the room the party never stopped!

So cute.

Get low, get low..

Oh and uplighting… awesome!

Sup Kendal?

“That’s what’s going on around the country, here’s what’s happening in your neck of the woods..” Sorry, couldn’t resist.



Love this one.

You’re all awesome!

Congrats you two!

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