Katie & Nate’s Hall of Springs Wedding Photos

It’s time for this blog to sparkle! I have to say, more often than not, when I write my blogs I say, “I don’t even know where to begin” but this time I mean it. Like wow! Let’s file Katie and Nate’s Hall of Springs wedding photos under AWESOME for starters. When working for your good friends, who is also an industry celeb, let me tell you the pressure is on like donkey kong. After all Katie O’s been a long time friend of Elario Photography since her days as Tulip Queen. We’ve done over 30 weddings together since 2008, and I consider her to be one of my dear friends, so we had to absolutely crush this one!

“Three, fourteen, fourteen! Three, fourteen, fourteen! Three, fourteen, fourteen!” I feel like that date’s been burned into my brain from the second Katie and Nate told us that would be the day they’d “Let Love Sparkle.” Lets face it folks, it’s the wedding planner’s wedding! I mean not for nothing but someone who knows who’s who in the wedding industry chose us for her and Nate’s wedding day coverage. Actually, did they even choose us or was it just known? I don’t know. What I do know is we can’t begin to explain how flattering that is. In fact, everyone who helped make Katie and Nate’s day incredible, no matter how small or large, your contribution was you should stand and applaud for yourselves. Kris Ann and I had a recap lunch with Katie and Nate before they went on their mini-moon, and these two could not have been more over the moon and grateful for everyone who was involved on three, fourteen, fourteen. Big thanks to Laura Remmert of Laura Remmert Events and Kate for coordinating this whole day. You both were great!

On the morning of three, fourteen, fourteen, I woke up at like 5am, as if I was a kid on Christmas Day, with happiness and excitement for my friends, Katie and Nate. Like any other wedding day on my way up to Saratoga Springs I had the tunes cranking and the sun was shining. All was good. I stopped off at the Hall of Springs to setup my brand spanking new Elario Photobooth just to be ahead of the game because it was that type of event. Next stop was the Batcheller Mansion where Katie and her “lifemaids” (coined by Jill so don’t get it twisted) were getting ready. Alayne Curtis and her crew from Make Me Fabulous was in the house too. Walking into this bridal suite for me felt like another wedding with Katie. I wanted to ask her like I do at our weddings, “so how’s our bride doing? are we running on time?” but she was the bride! And if you’re wondering, she was great, and obviously running on time. There was a good energy in the room and lots of love flowing. It seemed nothing short of normal to be shooting details along side the legend videographer, Al Woodard, on this one. I urge you all to make sure and see the nice little teaser piece he put together for Katie and Nate. While we’re talking about awesome people, the next vendor player to arrive was none other than my wife, Kris Ann, the talented mastermind and fearless leader of Fleurtacious Designs. What she did with the flowers for Katie and Nate was off the charts. I’ll speak for Kris Ann and say what an honor it was for the O’Maloney’s to choose Fleurtacious Designs as their go to florist. I guess all that hard work, and being a team player pays off. While we’re on visiting vendors to the Batcheller Mansion, it was a treat to see the ladies from Angela’s Bridal stop by and make sure everything was perfect for their bride. Ok now it’s that time, time to get Katie O’ into that gorgeous, custom Lazaro gown. It was so cute watching Katie transform into a bride with her Mother “GG,” her two martron of honors Kristen (sister) and Jenn (bff) by her side. Then all of the bridesmaids entered the room and I got to see Katie’s “sparkle theme” complete! Boy did they look amazing together! We photographed all over the Batcheller Mansion before it was time for the dapper Nate to arrive and have his first look! We decided on a location and I LOVE everything about it. In fact, the image of Nate waiting for Katie is one of my top three favorites from the day. Their first look was awesome too, Nate took it all in, cried and laughed. It was perfect, and exactly how first looks should go down. Next up was bride and groom portraits in the mansion and they made it easy for me. Maybe because they couldn’t stop loving each other or smiling or maybe because they are adorable together, but all and all I love the photos.

Church time! This was an amazing part of the day, seeing everyone arrive, and all the ladies with their hints of “sparkle” was great. Katie and Nate had their church pews decorated with photos of them growing up. As you began at the back of the church they were just babies, then to the first pews their adult selves waited. So adorable. A favorite moment for me was Katie and her Dad in the back of the church just before the Bridal Chorus began. There were so many emotions and this, like at any wedding, is always my favorite moment to shoot. Their ceremony was perfect and personal. I liked how Katie and Nate read their vows, by standing on the opposite side to where the bride normally stands. I asked why, and Katie said so their families could see their faces during the vows and rings. A very thoughtful move by these guys.

Next stop, Saratoga Springs. Thankfully it snowed a couple days before their wedding which gave us a nice fresh white blanket for some amazing images. Once Katie was bustled and Nate had a chance to snack on some of the delicious cocktail hour food, we headed outside. It was chilly and icy and with that in mind I worked pretty darn quick with these two. I knew that red hair would look awesome against the snow and it did! I love, love, love those images!! When cocktail hour came to an end the guests were greeted by a bagpiper, min reubans and mini Guiness’ (so O’Maloney of them). Then they were moved outdoors for an amazing fireworks show. This is where I had to kick it into high speed. While guests were watching fireworks and sipping on hot cider outside all hands were on deck to transform this room in minutes. Wow. I thought I had seen “the flip” before but never like this. This room looked outstanding. Katie and Nate worked closely on their vision with Fleurtacious Designs and incorporated Party with Mia as well as Clifton Park Rental for other design aspects. It all came together and was just perfect! I had maybe three minutes to capture it all after the flip. Ask the staff at the Hall of Springs how I was bouncing around the room like a damn pingpong ball knowing guests were eager to get in and find their seats. These types of moments at weddings are what separates the men from the boys. Their room looked AMAZING as you’ll see in the photos.

Now it’s time to party! Grand Central Station Band took the stage and started with a boom! Thats my nod to “Regulate” as Katie and “N8DOGG” entered the room to that very song, so fitting. Their first dance was one of my other favorite moments to capture as these two crushed it. Like pure perfection. After the dances and toasts this is where my night stopped. I sat down and became a guest while our friend and colleague, Christina Primero, wrapped up the evening for us. It was so fun to be a guest at this one. The food that hit the tables was out of this world and probably one of the best steaks I’ve ever had. #realtalk. The band killed it all night with a packed dance floor and then “DJ Vinny C” 😉 took the 1’s and 2’s and dropped a great set of 90’s hiphop (Katie’s fav) on us. What a party!!!

Katie and Nate, where do we begin to thank you for having us? I’ve been in it since May at our home when Nate told me he was going to propose and I got to capture that, as well as an unforgettable trip to Savannah,GA for your engagement photos. Watching you two grow as a couple in the past years has been quite a treat. You know we’re all beyond thrilled for you two to start your next chapter together, and can’t wait to see what that brings. We look forward to more “fun friends” time in the future. As Katie would say LYMIAMTB! Keep sparkling!

Some additional wedding vendors:
Wedding Day Stylist: Randi Poillon of Styled by Randi
Jewelry: Lola Accessory Boutique 

Lets set this off with the custom Lazaro gown and some sparkly shoes (and don’t even try a sparkle count in this post because it’s just cray)
No one uses more hairspray than Alayne Curtis of Make Me Fabulous.. NO ONE!
some awesome details waiting for us when we arrived.
working those notorious red curls.
Nice flowers delivered by Fleurtacious Designs = Happy bride!
A personal grooms gift from Katie to Nate..
Love the detail..
Kristen, GG and Jenn, helping the bride get dressed..
another touch of sparkle.
Everyone realizing it’s all coming together. Such a cute moment…
Sooooooo pretty…
 Stunning fleurs by Fleurtacious Designs!
The ladies of Angela’s Bridal stopped by! Jess (left) Janet (right). Love them!
STOP!! I mean could my job have been any freaking easier?
Dad loves what he sees!
so sweet.
Each lifemaids gown with those Fleurtacious fleurs… wow.
More of the lovlies.
I mean that bouquet was pretty awesome!
LOVE this image of Mr. Nate waiting to see his bride.. Top 3 favorite image I captured on 3/14/14
not yet..
ok turn around.  Beautiful moment.
Katie to Nate: “Did you see my girls?” Nate: “I’m looking at them now!” She meant her lifemaids but men are wired differently LOL.. Funniest moment of the day..
The bridal party..
Nate, his guys, best lady and sister Norah and grooms lady, Danielle…  and of course, Russ 😉
The peanut butter cup..
Nothing to see here except for two beautiful people, inside and out.
so pretty!
working it in the mansion..
classic Big Joe Leica shot..
Things like this happened all day….
Some sweet moments.
The forehead kiss..
love it.
On our way out we stopped quick on the stairs.. and this image happened.
and this one..
St Mary’s Church..
As you walked up the aisle there were images of Katie and Nate growing up.. So precious.
behind the scenes with best man and lady..
Love this one..
that moment with Katie and her Dad minutes before they walked down the aisle.
all eyes on the bride.
lots of tears..
making it official.. if you’re wondering why Katie and Nate are on opposite sides you should have read my writeup.. 😉
The 1st kiss!
Mr & Mrs…

hustle that bustle..
The light outside was perfect for us.
That’s the one! One of my personal favs.. if this image doesn’t sum up the day and how happy they both were I don’t know what does..
and of course the forehead kiss… this should be next to their engagement photo one from Savannah.
So pretty.
My only pic with these two 🙁
The Hall of Springs and their cocktail hour..
I’m hungry just looking at this spread. Like seriously they outdid themselves.
Time to have some Guinness and mini reuben’s!
The AMAZING ballroom!!
pretty details..
I love Fleurtacious Designs new white chairs!! So perfect for a wedding!
head table..
Debbie Coye does it again!
The balloons were perfectly Katie..
Making their entrance!
Oh yeah!!
Killing their first dance as husband and wife!
Another favorite of mine from the day..
Norah was so awesome toasting these two.
Packed dance floor.
Clearly Katie and Nate have never cut a wedding cake before. lol..
The groom’s cake was puzzle pieces of all things Katie and Nate and the final piece was an image of Katie from our bridal session. Another awesome Debbie Coye creation!
Who knew?
Love it!!
And the Elario Photobooth!!!! This backdrop was on special loan from drop it MODERN. They showed me a prototype of this months ago and I begged them to have one done in time for the most sparkly wedding ever.  This is the ONLY one in existence and they have not even shot on it yet themselves! They loaned it just for the wedding. I can’t wait to get my hands back on it again!!
Their props were probably the best I’ve seen in regards to how personal they were. They acknowledged all KOWE couples in attendance.. so cute. Too see all the photobooth pics go here.
wedding industry people..

Fun ones!
Team Sparkle, the ladies of KOWE.

and that’s it friends! Congrats you two!!!!!

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