Katie O’s Bridal Portraits (pre wedding)

I'm bringing back the "pre-wedding bridal portrait session" and who better to set it off with then Miss Katie O'Malley? Thats right before wedding day I was able to have an hour with Katie, her gorgeous gown and Alayne from Make Me Fabulous.

I knew there would be a lot of buzz around this wedding and I talked to Katie back in November about how social media would see her the first time as a bride. I hate to say it out loud but I’m not a fan of wedding guests that post/publish their crumby iPhone, droid or even more strangely iPad photos (leave your iPad at home) seconds after the bride walks down the aisle. Most of the time these images your wedding guests will post are, out of focus, have horrible lighting, redeye, unflattering or just flat out bad. Your wedding guests should be there watching the ceremony anyway and should leave the picture taking to the pros (and yes that’s a whole other blog post lol). With all that in mind I said to Katie, lets have the first public image/social media image be something strong, flattering and beautiful. Lets face it, everyone wants to see the wedding planner’s wedding, so I wanted to make sure the first glimpse everyone had did Katie right.

Bridal sessions are nothing new, in fact they’re quite old school and seem geographically specific to other parts of the US. I want to know why we don’t shoot these here in Albany, New York? Who says we can’t? Just like shooting an engagement session, having shot these bridal portraits before the wedding gave me an edge as her photographer when it came to shooting Katie again on wedding day. I knew how she looked, what was flattering and overall what worked. Katie even said to me “It was nice to have the bridal session because it allowed me the opportunity to see my dress, hair, jewlery and everything come together. Plus, I love that I have these images to share w Nate.” So with that said, if any of my brides would like to do a bridal session before their big day just let me know πŸ˜‰

When it came to picking a location Katie and I decided we’d like to shoot at one of Albany’s newest wedding venues “Sixty State Place“. We wanted to shoot somewhere new, fun and different and this place overall had the perfect vibe for the session. Big thanks Deanna and Amanda at Sixty State Place for opening their doors to us. I only hope to be shooting their again sometime soon! Obviously thanks to Alayne of Make Me Fabulous for doing what she does and thanks to my lovely wife for whipping up a pretty bouquet last minute with what was in her cooler! So without anymore jabber from me lets see the stunning redhead we all know as, Katie O.


Clearly the first couple images of her were perfection..

some beautiful b&w’s

Those curly red locks! Stunning!

You should be comfortable in your wedding gown, needless to say this was not a problem for Katie..

On Friday at 4:30pm (while they exchanged rings) on my Facebook page this image was posted.. 517 like, 80 comments.. it worked! πŸ˜‰

I also love this one.. 

Then we headed downstairs to the vault! 

something a little different from your boy, JP..

Oh and they have penny floors!! So cool. 

love it.. 

and I’ll leave you with a teaser from their wedding!! The wedding blog should be up later in the week!! This is one you won’t want to miss! 


next one

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