keather & brad: jersey city engagement session

For a while now Keather and I had been trying to plan an engagement session down in Jersey City, NJ. Scheduling was kind of difficult and what not so the shoot basically got shelved. I then received and email or call from her fiance Brad. Brad told me Keather had a birthday coming up and he wanted to treat her to an engagement session. How awesome is Brad? So I told Brad I’d have our designer/editor Jenny Dempsey whip up a nice gift certificate for him. Jenny is awesome too by the way. I went into her office and was like “Can you make a gift certificate kind of city skyline style?”  Jenny had this done in less than 30 minutes. What other photographers out there can say they have a kick ass graphic designer on staff? Jenny rocks! Needless to say Keather was happy with her present and a date was then established to do this shoot….

On Monday September 13th I drove down to Jersey City. I had never been there before. It’s a nice little city right on the water with an incredible view of lower Manhattan. I arrived a little early and took a walk down to the waterfront. I just stood there and was admiring the view thinking to myself that day just 9 years and 2 days ago this skyline was completely different as was the world. Seeing that void in lower Manhattan just gave me an eerie feeling but I was there to shoot some good, fun and beautiful images so I shook it off and moved on. Then I drove around town searching for a Starbucks or something but gave up because there were too many oneway streets lol. By the time I found my way back to Keather & Brad’s apartment it was time to shoot. We set things off right on the streets surrounding their place. We shot here and there and all that good stuff then it was time to change clothes, kick the shoot into full speed and hit a walk off home run. Mother nature had other plans however. Rain? No no no. It wasn’t suppose to rain. It was like a 10% chance come on! We headed down to the waterfront with plans to hop on a ferry and have some fun. We shot a little on the pier and I was getting great stuff. Then the rain came, and I went from getting great stuff to getting phenomenal stuff. Thats right peeps, I don’t melt, neither did Keather & Brad. They were such great sports and we all embraced the cards we were dealt for the evening of September 13th. I’m thrilled and in love with these images. I can’t wait to continue this story on November 6, 2010, that will be my 8 month aniversary and for those of you keeping track Mona & Andrew’s one year ;).. Keather and Brad, thanks for having me down. Rain or shine, I had a blast. See you two love birds in less than two months!


Here is the gift certificate our awesome Jenny Dempsey designed. Isn’t she good?

Our couple, Keather & Brad

Wonder what their wedding date is?

I liked this little spot. It was cozy.

Always smiling..

One of my favorite shots of them..

A brick wall is always a simple and perfect backdrop.

A little detail and some bling.

Just a nice little moment.

Oooh the attitude.

How awesome are those doors?

A view from their balcony.. see lady liberty?.. I call this image “the calm before the storm”

On our way down to the pier..

Just starting to rain.

I love this series with the cruise ship..

Moving backdrops are the best.

Then it got dark and the skies opened up.. a woman was nice enough to let us use this purple umbrella ella ella ay

I teased this one on my facebook and it got one hell of a reaction.. I have to say this is one of my top 3 favorite engagement session pics of all time.

Then I told them to loose the umbrella and go for it.

Eventually the rain let up a bit..

soaked or not they’re still looking good..

and still smiling..

and I’ll end with my “bling shot”.. what a great shoot guys! Thanks again, see you real soon!

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