What can I say about Keather & Brad? Well for starters their engagement session was one of the most popular blog posts from 2010. People went nutty over that one. I think their wedding will be just as fun to view too! It was a wonderful fall day. A bit chilly but that’s November for you. We arrived at Keather’s Mothers home to a room full of ladie’s being made fabulous. This was our last wedding of the season with the Alayne and Make Me Fabulous we worked over 15 weddings with them and they never disappoint.  Always on time, fun and fabulous. Can you tell I love them? Anyway Keather was looking awesome and had her room all set for me along with a nice hanger for her awesome gown. There were all kind’s of nice details to shoot. The flowers were done by Anthology Design Studio and looked great! I loved the colors! We quickly worked outdoors for some pre-ceremony shots. I say quickly because it was chilly! We arrived at the church where Brad and the fellas were all set. Then it was time for a wedding! I love shooting in this church by the way. So colorful and Fr Pat is very photo friendly. We headed up to Saratoga National for 9th time this season and I took Keather and Brad out on the course to some of my favorite spots. Not to boast but I really know this place so well since we work there that often. There are so many different spots I use for different times of the season. Anyway I love the stuff I got. Keather and Brad are fun to photograph too! After we shot basically into the sunset it was time to head in and party. The room was looking very cool and DJ Music Man Mike Garrasi hit em hard. This was a party with a packed dance floor all night long. As expected November 6, 2010 was a success! Keather and Brad we wish you nothing but the best! Thanks so much for having us capture your day!


Keather’s childhood room..

Something blue..

something funny.. I loved this.

something blingy

someone fabulous being made fabulous by someone fabulous

I love this one.

Here is our lovely bride.

and some nice flowers by Anthology Design Studio

and Keather again…

Ok one more!

A bunch of pretty ladies..

and the fellas

Very cool..

it’s go time!

Seriously how awesome is this church?

Greek weddings are so fun and relaxed.

Mr & Mrs..

At (Saratoga) National

A good old forehead kiss..

another one.

I love the colors so much.

A little configuration.

Off to another spot..

Remember this? Well the next shot it is the wedding version.

Only there was no need for any umbrella’s on this day!

My facebook teaser..

The sky was so blue!

But then I had to turn around get this from the other side.


Ok one more..

Pretty cool right?

Saratoga National by Anthology Design Studio

and they danced..

and danced..

and danced.. what a party!

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  1. Keather; your pictures are all stunning and you look amazing. My favorite picture is the one near the end with the sun behind you both and it’s a soft silhouette. Suzanne xo

  2. Hey JP! It goes without saying I really dig your work. I look to for much inspiration! So thanks!
    I noticed you use a 200mm telephoto, what are other lenses that you tend to use during engagements or even the big day itself? Happy Holidays to you and Big Joe!

  3. Loved everything about this wedding….especially the bride and groom! Thanks for sharing these amazing pictures. Faith

  4. What can I say?! A picture is worth a thousand words. Thank you Joe and JP for capturing all the happiness of that day. Everything about that day was great. I cannot thank everyone who made it possible enough. Alayne is amazing, as well as Sue and Amy. SN was fabulous!!!!!! These pictures are wonderful, I cannot pick a favorite. But, something about the “its go time” picture is really special because I remember those few moments before everything started that seemed to take forever. I also really like the “yes” picture too. I was so happy there was no rain this time!!! Thank you to all the other people posting such kind words. But, a special thanks to Mona, I don’t know you at all, but I am lucky to share the same anniversary with such a thoughtful person.

  5. Love love love the shots on the birdge!!!! Congrats guys! Your umbrella shot was one of my Jp favs… I knew you guys looked familiar. 🙂

  6. Awwww my anniversary couple!!! November 6th is a good day, isn’t it? Glad you guys had some nice weather (even if a little chill… I’ve been there in overcast weather – brrrr). Anyways, back to the post – well I love how there’s a little hint of your dress in your bridesmaids dresses (look at the pics side by side holding the flowers). Subtle but nice. Love the blue shoes, the dress. You look gorgeous!!! The two of you are a beautiful couple for sure, these are great. 🙂 The church – amazing. Greek churches are impressive! I love the look on your face as you walk down the aisle towards brad. The shots outside with the blue sky, and then the light flare are amazing, and of course the bridge shots – but I LOVE the one where you guys are leaning against the fence on the “grass is greener” side, and there’s such a difference in color between the grass and the field. So awesome. You guys look very in love and happy. 🙂
    Very nice getting ready pics too!!! Very nice room and details (and a nice hanger, I know JP likes those) 🙂

    Congrats again guys from your wedding-date-sharer. 🙂 Many years of happiness!

  7. gorgeous photos, love the color of the bridesmaids gowns and flowers!! What was the name of the church?

  8. Wow guys, our last wedding together for 2010. I’m so sad just thinking about it, but what a fabulous bride to end with. This post has some of the most romantic poses of the happy couple together. I love them! Keather is probably one the the easiest going brides I have ever had. She was so chill on her wedding day and so easy to please during the entire process. I remember seeing her in her dress for the first time and absolutely fell in love with it!! It was perfect on her! See you on my Birthday next year for Pam who I call the birthday bride!!

  9. I don’t even know where to start with this one! I love, love the clouds in the sky in the photos of them on the walkway. Then you turned around and the light on the other side? It’s gorgeous! Keather’s childhood room is so pretty and the mirror made for a great wedding dress shot! I want her mirror!

  10. Beautiful & Gorgeous! The fence pictures and forehead kiss are my favorites! So sweet! Congratulations you too. All the best!

  11. Outstanding work! Love the shallow depth of field with them on the foot bridge. Keep them coming!

  12. I’ve been waiting for this one!! Keather & Brad’s engagement teaser picture was one of my top 3 favorites this year! And their wedding pictures do NOT disappoint!! Keather looked FABULOUS (Alayne is the best!!!) and I love her wedding dress! The pictures of Keather and Brad are amazing! I especially love the ones of them standing on the bridge with the light! So beautiful!!! Congrats Keather & Brad!

  13. wow. once again, awesome!!! love the shots into the sun!!! beautiful couple, beautiful shots, once again you have amazed, JP!

  14. Absolutely stunning, more in love with National now than I was before, if possible! Congrats to you both!