Chances are if you’re in the wedding industry you probably know or have heard of “Frenchie”. You might also remember a little portrait session I did of her back in 2013. Anyway, Kelly AKA Frenchie has worked in our industry since 2013 and last Saturday was her turn to tie the knot. Kelly and Michael kept their ceremony very small and intimate. Joy Burke officiated while less than 20 of their closest friends and family watched on, also watching along was Kelly’s family back in France via FaceTime. Isn’t technology awesome? It was a beautiful March day with some incredible light as well. After the ceremony I had a little portrait session with Kelly and Michael before they headed off to dinner. Toward the end we might have all froze a little but as you will see it was worth it. Anyone who knows Frenchie knows she’s the ultimate critic so when she asked me to capture her and Michaels special day I was beyond flattered. Thank you both so much and I wish you the very best! Félicitations à vous!!


March 19, 2016..

I told you it was a beautiful afternoon!

I just love these images!

How cute are they tho??

Stunning lighting too!

Work it!!


I love all the tones here.. one of my favorite images.


Another favorite.. classic Saratoga.

Lets talk about that killer hair and makeup by Kyle Anne Garcia!

A lovely flower crown by Samantha Nass.

Then the light got even nicer! Looooovee..

A couple more images…

and we did a combo “bling shot” / “turnaround” Congrats you guys!!!

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