Kendal & Zach’s Beekman Mansion Engagement Photos

Is it weird that I've been looking forward to blogging these engagement photos before I even shot them? When I knew shooting at the Beekman Mansion in Sharon Springs was an option I was all over it! I mean who doesn't love the Fabulous Beekman Boys?

When Kendal first inquired to have us shoot her wedding she and Zach were looking at a few different locations. All of them we’ve worked at but when she said “or the Beekman Mansion.” I said, “as in the Fabulous Beekman Boys?”. Kris Ann and I are fans of these fellas, we watched both the seasons of their reality show and also own their heirloom  cookbook. So how do Kendal and Zach play into all this? Kendal’s Mother, Deb’s company McGillycuddy’s Naturals makes all the soap for Beekman 1802. They became friends with Josh and Brent when they were visitors of Sharon Springs, then became their neighbors when they bought the Beekman Mansion, and they became a McGillycuddy’s Naturals customer with the development and launch of Beekman1802 in 2008. Once I knew all this I said “well you have to get married there! and I wanna shoot your engagement session there!”

Shooting at The Beekman was nothing short of amazing. When we arrived I was overwhelmed with the property, it’s just beautiful. There were so many different spots on the farm to shoot, I was in photog heaven. It was so much fun photographing Kendal and Zach. These two are all fun and just all around awesome. We set off the shoot in front of the mansion and then we must have walked around and photographed at over 15 different spots before we wrapped this one up. It was a blast and I cant wait for their September 2014 wedding so we can do it all over again.

Kendal and Zach, thank you both for having me capture your engagement photos! It was so much fun. Josh and Brent, thank you both for having me at The Beekman, I really enjoyed shooting there and it was great getting to meet you both as well and Önder too!


Meet Kendal and Zach..
I liked the front of the home so we shot a few there..
There was a next sitting on the front steps so I thought why not throw the bling in there?
All American!
They have an extremely old smoke bush on their property, it’s wild.
Josh and Brent were recently married (June 28) and at their wedding they gave the guests these monogramed blankets..
There she is! Their famous llama, Polka Spot. Also a few of the “around 120” goats (according to Farmer John).
Their is this amazing weeping willow tree way in the back…
I loved this spot!
so pretty!
We had a visitor for this part of the shoot, meet Önder.
Again here is awesome spot.
bling it in..
I wish you could see this image full screen. The farm is so beautiful.
This one makes me smile.
Love these!
Outfit number 3…
The suns starting to drop down…
I love these two side by side.
How amazing is this mansion?
I love this one, might be my favorite of them all..
This porch is to die for.
Holy hydrangea!
I’m jealous that Josh and Brent get to sit on this porch and watch the sunset.
Loving the b&w’s too..
Now that the sun had dropped I wanted to shot at this spot again..
love it.
and as we always end my engagement shoots here is my token “bling shot”
and the “turnaround” thanks to Kris Ann for assisting me! See you guys soon!


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