Kerry’s Fitness Shoot

Hey friends! Stoked to share this fitness shoot with you all. Over the past year I’ve been doing a ton of these. Sometimes the subject is nearing a fitness competition or has a fitness goal they want to reach and wants to remember that with some killer images. Either way these shoots are totally bad ass and so different than my wedding stuff. I really have fun sculpting light in the studio and stepping outside of the box. Kerry worked it like a pro and we couldn’t be happier with the results. Anyone looking to do a fitness shoot hit me up and I’ll let you know the details. Till then its ice cream and pizza!


That one armed pushup shot is legit.

Love the lighting in these.

now you’re just showing off 😉


Last one in the studio..

I wanted to shoot a few in our new natural light studio too and I’m glad I did. It gives the shoot a whole different look.

I’ll end with this.. Congrats on your fitness goal, Kerry. You crushed it!

next one

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