kerstin & sean: saratoga national

On Sunday November 21, 2010 we walked out of Saratoga National for the 10 and final time for 2010. It’s crazy to think we shot there 10 times this season. I don’t think we’ve been anywhere else this often in one year. I really do love shooting weddings at National. The course is awesome for photos and the staff is top notch. Not to mention, we always come home with great images. I assume this is why we work there so often and thank all of you Saratoga National b&g’s past and present for trusting us and having us do what we do for you!

Kerstin and Sean’s wedding was a perfect one to close out our 2010 Saratoga National run. We arrived at National first to meet up with a happy bride to be. Kerstin was seriously ear to ear with smiles. We shot some getting ready stuff and a few portraits then headed to Congress Park for the first look! Sean and his brother were there looking pretty damn good too. This is where I tell the guys who may read my blog that Sean gets extra bonus points for purchasing his threads for his wedding. Grooms should not rent. You’re standing next to a fabulous gown. It’s like putting rims on a Ford Focus. It’s just my opinion but I think I happen to know a little about this whole wedding thing. Anyway. His suit was fly and it was also fitted perfect. Major props to you Sean! After their first look which was really sweet we shot some more in the park. I can’t believe Kerstin wasn’t cold because it was crazy chilly out there. Just when I thought I got awesome stuff at the park we headed back to national and we took some more shots. WOW! The stuff there was just off the hook. I have so many more images I could have blogged. Good luck choosing guys! Anyway there was a wedding to be had and it was now time for the nuptials. Their ceremony was beautiful and the music was just incredible. The guitarist they had was great and if I knew her name I’d mention it so K+S leave it in the comment box please. The flowers and decor was provided by my talented wife Kris Ann of Fleurtacious Designs. This was our last wedding of the season with Kris Ann. We worked 22 weddings together in 2010. That’s a lot, nearly half the weddings we did. But hey, Kris Ann does awesome stuff and my couples have incredible taste so what can I say? The party was really fun thanks to DJ Paul Malo! All and all, another fabulous wedding with great people is now in the books and blogged. Kerstin and Sean are an incredibly nice and thoughtful couple. If you ever have the pleasure to meet them you will instantly love them. Trust me. I wish I could shoot their wedding 5 more times because they’re that great! We thank you guys for having us! I know you’ll keep the love strong for many years. Happy Thanksgiving!


Some sweet footwear.

and an awesome gown that all the ladies will love.

Also one beautiful bride..

ok one more shoe shot.

BOOYA… more on her later..  😉

Sean was looking fly! Mega props for purchasing your suit Sean. You looked awesome buddy!

Waiting for the first look.. how I love this one.

here we go!


And he likes it! Duh. How couldn’t he? Just look at her.

Ok one more…

I just liked this one..

My kind of bridal party. One on each side. So simple.

Sean watching on…

As I took this shot..

and these. Love these..

oh hang on we just stumbled on some nice light..

Since the light was nice I worked it a little..

Fellas, look at the way his suit is cut. You can actually tell theres someone under there. Just saying.. take notes. Oh yeah I love this shot.

A snuggle..

and a shoulder kiss.

I was actually surprised we had this type of color still. It was the only tree with color left though. (notes for next year)

I really was digging this shot..

and then I saw his socks. Don’t be afraid to rock some fun socks fellas.

Ok one more on the bench..

Now we’re at National…

My facebook teaser.

A nice b&w..

So happy!

Yup, it was that nice of a day.

A sweet little configuration..

Ok.. now its time to get married..

Their ceremony was in the main ballroom..

and had all kinds of moments like this.

and this.

I like this one..

Mr & Mrs..

The ballroom looked awesome!

first dance..

love it. congrats guys! happy thanksgiving too!

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