Kimberly & Scott’s Mohonk Mountain House Engagement Photos

Oh yeah! I'm digging this one, folks! Shooting engagement photos at the Mohonk Mountain House was a blast. Waaaaaay back in the day when I was a kid shooting weddings with Big Joe we worked here twice. Both times it rained and it was foggy to the point you could not see beyond 10 feet in front of you. Everyone would tell me how nice the place was but it wasn't until last week that I got to see that!

Kimberly and Scott are tying the knot next year in New Jersey and we’ll be there to capture it! I’m excited for that because shooting them last week was pretty darn easy. The Mohonk Mountain House made for a pretty sweet backdrop but the icing on the cake was having these two in the images. Oh and guess what? It rained! Ugh!! Yeah with a 20/30% chance of rain it managed to find us for a bit. The rain did eventually stop so we were able to do the rest of the shoot. Kim and Scott, thanks for having me! Looking forward to next October!!

Meet Kim and Scott..

I’d say the foliage was pretty damn awesome for this shoot.

We tucked in a little hideout while it rained outside. I’m loving the colors in this though..

see the rain?

and then it stopped raining so we could actually got to shoot under covered areas!

what a sweet view..

one of my favorites from the first part of the session..

so cute.

don’t jump!!

Time for a switch up of clothes..

and this one is probably one of my favorites from the second leg of the session..

Nice place huh?

let the countdown begin!

the water and their blues worked pretty good here.

oh, did I mention it was freaking cold too? No biggie, we toughed it out.

awesome b&w

and yes some more color in their gardens!


and it wouldn’t be an Elario engagement session without my token “bling shot”

and the turnaround.. all TEETH for the dentist, Kim!




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