Kimberly & Scott’s Rockleigh Wedding Photos

New venue alert! This is the first wedding we’ve shot at the Rockleigh in New Jersey. I have to say this place was nothing short of amazing. The staff was top notch and so accommodating to us. The place itself was gorgeous. The cocktail hour was bananas. There was so much food, I don’t know how Kimberly and Scott’s guests ate their dinner! And the band. THAT. BAND. Wow. These guys rocked the house. The lead singer girl sure had some voice on her. Overall, Kimberly and Scott gave us a really fun day to work (if you can call it that). We’re so happy to have been imported down into Northern Jersey to capture this big day and wish these two the very very best in all the years ahead. So I present, Kimberly & Scott’s Rockleigh wedding photos!


The Pearl River Hilton Hotel where the ladies were getting ready.
and they were all ready in their robes.
A great gown and some Jimmy’s to compliment it.
Big Joe cameo!
love this one too!
Mother and sister working on the finishing touches.
She’s so pretty. That smile!
the ladies..
1st look!
What a great staircase!
The clique..
Love this.
This place had some serious fountains out back.
Love this one..
and the colors in this!
No matter what way you pointed the camera there was a spot to shoot.
work it!
Had to do a couple inside too.
Going to the chapel.
A quick fist bump with Dad before the ceremony begins..
Here comes the bride!
Exchanging vows.
It’s official!
Mr & Mrs..
So. Much. Food.
a couple night shots before the party began.
Loving the blue up-lights!
Their ballroom.
Party time!
1st dance!
That little lead lady in the band straight killing it all night.
Party people!
and the gold spangled drop was in the house!
Congrats you two!


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