Kimmy & Pat’s Boston Engagement Photos

I love Boston and I love more than anything then when I can shoot there. So thanks to Kimmy and Pat I found myself there recently shooting their engagement session. Obviously I could not be happier with the images I came home with! Not only did we have fun but they made my job easy. I know that might sound like a “photographers cliche” statement but its so true. We can’t wait to capture their wedding next May in Saratoga! Oh its on! Thanks again for having me!!!


Meet Kimmy and Pat!

When your hair (both of them) is perfectly on point 😉

Just strolling through the public garden..

Acorn St, Boston, MA.

Love it..

Meanwhile at the Boston Public library….

How adorable is she?

Love shooting in the courtyard..


That skirt tho…

SOooooo pretty!

and I’ll end with my token “bling shot”

ok one more.. the turnaround.. see you kids in May!

next one

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