Happy New Years people! I hope you all rang in the new year in style and I hope you are all sticking to your resolutions and being good. As for me, I didn’t really do much on New Years Eve, I just chilled on the couch. Thats because the very next morning we had to gear up and shoot our very first wedding of the 2010 season. I’m sure you all remember that popular 2009 engagement session featuring that couple that started dating in the 11th grade? Well they tied the knot on the first day of 2010. Pretty cool way to set off the year huh? I’ll tell you what are some other cool ways to set off the year and wedding season. First its working with your fiance and her awesome flower shop Fleurtacious Designs. Next would be shooting along side your good friend videographer Al Woodard. Also shooting at Saratoga National is always great especially when hanging with DJ Paul Malo (518.383.3978) while he rocks the house all night. I could work with these peeps all the time! I can’t say enough good things about Kristen, Dan & their families, they are just totally enjoyable people all around. I wish these high school  sweethearts the best in their new chapter of life. We also thank you guys for having us, we know you interviewed quite a few people and appreciate your choosing us!

Enjoy, leave love,

Before I get to the images I just wanted to remind all the future brides & grooms out there that we’ll be at The 2010 Glen Sanders Bridal Show @ the mansion. Its hands down one of the best bridal shows around with some real quality vendors. So please stop by and say hi!

We’ll set it off in a purple room with some great details.

I’m digging this ring shot a lot.

This one is really special. Kristen’s leaving her empty room behind to start out her life with Dan. Look, I’m not trying to sound sappy but thats the reason I took this shot.

I’m loving the bouquet Kris Ann did for Kristen.

I’m also loving the color of these dresses.

The guys we’re just hanging in this building when we arrived at the church. I liked this space for the guys shot.

Do you remember their engagement shoot?

Back when I shot that image above I had in mind that we’d do their first look in the same spot.

This was my favorite first look yet this year 😉

A little snuggle..

Isn’t this church sweet?

If you’re friends with me on FB you’ve already saw this image on Sunday.

This is just fun.

It wasn’t too cold while the ladies walked in church for the wedding..

This is probably one of my favorites from the whole day.

Same thing from the other side.

When we got to SGNC there was still some bits of daylight left.. It was actually a lot darker than these images appear. Thank God for fast lenses.

I love the background.. the little bit of moisture in the air makes this image look like a painting.

The ballroom was all decked out winter style… the lighting and gobo’s were done by Total Events (thanks megan).

I assume they had the cocktail hour downstairs since Prime was closed for the holiday.

And I’ll leave you with this little animated image… if you want to see the video Al shot head over here.

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  1. Kristen- Congratulations, honey! You look absolutely GORGEOUS and so HAPPY. My daughter and I just looked at the photos… thanks for sharing. Love, Stacey

  2. Mary and I loved looking at your pictures this morning!! You were, of course, a beautiful bride! Love the color of the girls’ dresses! It looks like you had a great time! We miss you already – keep in touch!! I’ll share with Craig School! Carol

  3. JP, these images are stunning! The getting ready shots are my favorite – that ring shot spectacular. Saratoga National was transformed beautifully and the light inside that church was simply magical. You totally rocked this wedding, as usual! Happy New Year!

  4. Kristen & Dan- you are both great, you and your family were wonderful to work with, it was a pleasure. I wish you all the best, Congratulations!! It was such a beautiful day and the photos capture it perfectly! It was exciting that since JP & I both had to work on a special day to us that we got to work together!! Looking forward to all that 2010 has in store for it….

  5. Wow…simply amazing! Kristen’s ring shot is beautiful && the outdoor ones are breath taking.

  6. You are hands-down one of the best wedding photographers I’ve ever known of- these photos are breathtaking! Great job beautifully capturing these amazing people.

  7. Oh wow, this whole post gave me little butterflies in my stomach! I know, not quite the same as goosebumps, but it was just so beautiful!!!!

    Her dress – GORGEOUS! Here’s why – I know exactly what it is, and where she got it I think 😉 I was debating between this dress and the one I bought from Something Bleu, both by the same amazing designer. It was a tough decision! The A-line is simply spectacular and Kristen, you wear it BEAUTIFULLY! It looks absolutely perfect on you!!! It took me a while to see – I was like wait, why do I know that dress so well? I can’t explain, but seeing that dress up just made me so happy, it is so purrrrrty. 🙂

    Secondly – GUYS!!! I noticed the new BRANDING in the lower left corner. nice!

    Third, back to the pics. So pretty! Everyone looks amazing! The girls held together well despite how cold it was! Nice work. Beautiful colors, beautiful room details, amazing. Flowers, men, women, all looked top!

    I’m at work so I’ll check the video later. Great job as always to my favorites!

  8. words couldn’t describe how WONDERFUL that day was BUT your pictures say it ALL! thank you again for all you did.

  9. Beautiful pictures! I love her shoes 🙂
    Gotta say I’m a little jealous of the winter wedding though… I would’ve loved to see snow on my wedding day! White dress, white snow… perfect!

  10. I am an aspiring photographer and just learning about different lenses and I was curious the shot you took of the whole room what lens did you use to make it come out round looking like the round effect?

  11. ahhhhhhhhhhh!!! jp- you guys are amazing! i don’t even know what to say- thank you for so beautifully capturing our day

  12. absolutely stunning. love your work but this one is particularly special 🙂 gorgeous!


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