I hope everyones worked off all those Thanksgiving calories. I know Kristen & Matt did on Friday while partying it up at the plaza. So last Friday was “Black Friday” and the forecast was looking pretty black and gloomy for Kristen & Matt’s wedding. I’ve said it over and over on this blog all season but man are we dodging rain bullets! Seriously we managed to slip by another wedding rain free. It was however pretty damn cold out but Kristen’s dress, hair & makeup never got wet so thats all that matters. From their first look to their first dance the images just rocked. We just keep getting great people to work with and I mean it when I say that. All around from their families to their bridal parties everyone was just awesome to be around all day. So I congratulate Kristen & Matt and thank them for having us rock out their wedding.

Enjoy, leave love,

Every bride should start their day looking like this! She was so happy when we arrived.

Doesn’t she look fabulous?

This is one of my all time favorite images of Dad seeing his daughter.

You can’t tell their freezing their butts off.

Who’s that behind me? Oh thats my bride.

Love this b&w.

Troy rocks!

It was like we had the whole street too ourselves…. or their was no parking on that side of the street on Fridays.

Just loving this street.


Go on Kristen. Work it!

BOOYA! Fav image right here!

The Plaza was decorated so awesome so we opted to shoot the rest inside.

Kristen’s Dad’s a fellow watch nut. Had on a nice time piece.

Mr & Mrs Weber.

Holiday style at the plaza.

See my cameo?

Yeah this is pretty cool… there are like 20 awesome images from this little 3 minute series.

Photogs. You gotta love that 200mm 1.8L Aint nuttin’ like it around.

I’ll leave you with a wide shot of their first dance.

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  1. This wedding is stunning! I don’t usually like Christmas decoratiosn for a wedding, but this was so beautifully, and tastefully, done! You captured such great shots. Awesome job 🙂

  2. J-

    I DO love the expression on her face, (The first one) she looks so happy! Beautiful Pics!


  3. Love the blowing veil pictures outside…. and the 1st shot with her dad – what an amazing way to capture such little moments 🙂 As always… the pictures are fantastic! What a great looking bride and groom – congrats!

  4. Amazing – these pictures are just amazing. Although it helps to have such photographic subjects!!!!!

  5. Kristen . . . it was almost two years ago – when both you & your mom came in for the consult & hired us on the spot , Thank You Kristen & Matt . . .& ” Merry First Christmas ” JME .

  6. Very nice Joe. Damn I look good ! And how bout that bride…gotta love her…just beautiful. So now it’s time to let her go, for someone else to take care of her and what better choice than Matt…my new son-in-law…great guy.

  7. Oh WOWWWW! How beautiful! I love the wine color of the bridesmaid dresses, oh and the bride and groom look gorgeous. I love the look on his face after their first look as her veil is flowing in the breeze. So cute. And the one of her and her dad – so sweet, so subtle in the mirror… *THIS* is why I love you guys (among other reasons)… such gems like that. All around amazing. Love the inside of the place, so gorgeous too.

    So awesome. Congrats to the newlyweds!!!

  8. Hey Kristin, You are so special! And Soo Fabulous. I would love ya even if you weren’t lucky # 200. Thanks for letting me share in your day …and you look sooooo Fabulous! Alayne

  9. Great photos!! really captured the day perfectly!! Thank you for the great memories that you have created!!

  10. Love all the pics, you captured their day beautifully, i think the couple you took by the bar are awesome, you can really see how beautiful the room was all decorated. Great job as always.

  11. Beautiful Bride & Love the final image!
    Tracy M… I knew you looked familiar! BEST LRC540 Prof.! Jamie Sum09

  12. Wow. Amazing. These are the best wedding photos I’ve ever seen. Great job! Kristen and Matt you both look so happy!!!

  13. wonderful eye for photography..but of course you had a lovely couple to work with…bravo

  14. Look at my sister-in-law and brother! You both look so happy. These pictures are absolutely beautiful.

  15. JP, unbelievable job!!!!! Romantic! Story telling! Fun! Elegant! I feel like I was there all over again. Your work is legendary and should be in film. I need to have another wedding just so you can take my pictures:)