Kristen & Steve’s Crooked Lake House Wedding Photos

Did I hear someone was searching the #melzonewedding hashtag to find this blog? Well if so you landed at the right post! Just kidding, kind of…  Anyway I’m thrilled to share Kristen & Steve’s Crooked Lake House wedding photos. This wedding was a blast from start to finish. Kristen and Steve sure bring some good energy to the table, as do they photograph quite well! Plus we got hooked up with the weather. It was an insanely beautiful and flawless day. I would keep chatting about the day but I’ll let the photos do the talking. I just want to thank Kristen and Steve for having us at their big day. We all got nothing but love for you and wish you the very best!! Thank you!!


October 3, 2014.. Crooked Lake House.
Finishing touches for the bride..
In their matching button downs..
I wanted to do something unique with Kristen and Steve’s rings.. since their social media-holics I figured this was the best idea. ๐Ÿ˜‰
A little gift from Steve..
Across the hall.. Dad helping with the bow tie
All smiles while reading her message to him..
there she is!
A nice tribute to her Grandfather..
A cute moment with Steve’s Mom..
and a first look with Kristen’s parents!
They clean up nice huh? ๐Ÿ˜‰
That smile!
stunning, Kristen.
1st look time!
Loves it..
a little moment while setting up the bridal party photo.
Their crew..
Sup fellas?
Swagger alert.. peep the golf ball cufflinks.. so cool.
OOoooh their official Polaroid by Big Joe.
The colors at the Crooked Lake House were perfect too!!
That background. I can’t.
Kristen and Steve hold the 2014 record on my FB page with this image. Most comments, most likes.. will someone pass them? we’ll have to wait for the next 9 teasers of 2014 before we know! ๐Ÿ˜‰
She looked so pretty…
I couldn’t get enough of this wall of color..
seriously fall is here folks!
Classic Crooked Lake House wedding photos.
ok last one.. off to the church!
Heading to the on deck circle..
Steve, on deck and cool as a cucumber..
Here comes the bride!
A fun laugh during the homily.
It’s official Mellan + Garzone are now the #melzones
Mr & Mrs…
ok time to go crush a few more bride and groom portraits..
Ooooh I love these!
Loving the oranges here!
Again if you get married at the Crooked Lake House this is a photo you’ll want to have..
and this..
Killing it you two!
Love it..
Sup guests?
The ballroom.
All very “Troy” table names.. fun stuff..
The party of the year is about to start!

Making an entrance!

First dance!
The Elario Photobooth in full effect with our homegirl Hayden running the show..
for more photobooth pics head here!
Party people!
Congrats you two!


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