It’s time for a wedding at venue we have not worked at yet. These are always fun because working at a place for the first time means there are tons of new visuals we get to create. And boy did we have fun creating these beautiful images that I assure you there are no shortage of in this blog. We first met Kristie and Justin back in 2013 at Sarah and Eddies wedding. Justin was in their wedding party but you also might remember that little ball of spunk (Kristie) feeding beer to Eddie’s treasured stuffed animal, Abner. Anyway since then they got engaged, shot some awesome engagement photos and planned this amazing wedding I’m about to present to you all. We had a great time out there capturing their wedding alongside the boys from NuVue Cinema too. Also a HUGE thank you to my friend and colleague Evan Pierce for assisting us on this as well as rocking out that Elario Photobooth! Now onto Kristie and Justin, thank you guys sooooooo much for having us! We had a great time working with you guys, your family and friends. You’re both a blast to be around and I wish we could do it all over again! Congrats you two!!


September 6, 2015..

🙂 I just love how she’s always laughing at everything..

How beautiful is that image on the right.. I love it!

what an nice little detail.

Dad loves what he sees!

Amazing overhead shot by my man Evan Pierce!

Justin! Looking good, bruh!

These guys are killin’ it with that classic look.

He loves what he sees!

The ladies!

Look at this crew! So. Much. Fun.

Not only is she stunning, she’s adorable.

Loving these ones..

The Bourne Mansion is such a pretty venue, it has all these great spots on the grounds.

Love these!!

Signs of fall in the backdrop?

Another favorite!

the 200mm 1.8L strikes again!

Now watch me dip… now watch me.. aaah forget it.

Ceremony details..

Love this shot of Kristie and Dad on deck..

Here comes the bride..

Love this one..

They paid extra for that weather.

It’s official!

And then the wind took her veil. lol.

Mr & Mrs..

YEAAAAHHH! Party time!

Cocktail hour details..

The Ballroom!

Sunset photo time!

Aaaaahh these b&w’s are looking amazing!

Like I said this place just had so many great spots to shoot at!

especially this one..


Ok.. now its time to party…

Making that entrance!

1st dance.. whoa did these two kill it.

A great toast by some great guys.

Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE when a DJ has a percussionist with them? It’s like a whole other level of energy, especially when the bride and groom join in on the fun!

There was a crazy party happening all over every square foot of this place.

A nice little happy birthday surprise for the groom who recently turned 30.

and thats a wrap my friends. Congrats you two!


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