kristin & adam: an adirondack wedding

I gotta admit I’ve been excited to shoot this wedding since April 26. 2009. For those who’ve been following my blog know why too. Back then I had the coolest job request of all time and that was capturing Kristin & Adam’s proposal. Well, the job didn’t start out like that so go read this post first. Anyway, 13 months later Kristin and Adam tied the knot! How could I not have been there since I was there in the beginning? Where do I start? I could start with my 3 hour drive up to Saranac Lake where Kristin and Adam were getting ready and the whole time on the way up it rained. I thought to myself, no way! I’m going to shoot somewhere I’ve never been before and I have a rain challenge? Wouldn’t you know when it was time to start shooting the rain stopped and never came back. I was stoked! Ampersand Bay was the first stop of the day. Both the bride and groom got ready at this awesome and very Adirondack location. Shooting with me was April K of April K Photo. April knew and worked with Kristin one summer too! Now although I shot their “proposal session” April shot their “engagement session”. April is a Boston shooter so any Boston photographers reading this should contact her if you need an extra set of eyes. I should also mention Kristin used to work for THE Adirondack photographer Rae Barnes before Rae moved down to Philly. Rae shot some awesome pre bridal shots of Kristin and those can be found here. So lets just say this couple is very comfortable in front of a camera. I think they’ve been photographed by everyone but Annie Leibovitz. Back to June 12… before I knew it we were on a pontoon boat heading to Chapel Island which was established in 1889 but after a disaster re-opened in 1958. Basically its an island with a chapel. Thats it. A very cool and unique wedding location. Their ceremony was very intimate and had the most beautiful ceremony music ever. Adam’s cousins played and sung all their ceremony music. I wish they were local because I’d recommend them all the time. Great job ladies. So after they were married a bubble exit took place then it was time to have a little fun. Fun was like the word of the day. Props to Kristin and Adam’s bridal party for rocking! After some nice photos on this island we headed to location #3 which was The Wild Center in Tupper Lake. Another unique location to say the least. After a quick dinner in a tent outdoors it was back inside for dancing and party time. Kristin and Adam’s friends partied hard late into the night too. So let me give a BIG thanks to this couple for having this city boy come up to the Adirondack’s and have a little fun. I was glad to have been part of the beginning with you both and honored to shoot your big day! Thanks again! On with the photos!!


This is where we last saw these guys…. Again I urge you all to read this post. It was probably one of the most popular things I’ve ever blogged.

June 12, 2010…

The guys set things off… with shots. Props to April for this image.

Somehow they ended up with sunglasses too?

Looking sharp.


Meanwhile in the other house.

Love the light.

I just love the shot of Kristin’s Mom looking thru.

Wasn’t she a beautiful bride?

Saranac Lake… I love this shot.

Working it out.

Off to the island.

Adam, all smiles while watching Kristin and Dad walk down.

Adam wasn’t the only one smiling..

Kristin’s Dad was beaming with joy.

I love all the emotions in this image.

Chapel Island…. no light, all natural.


After their ceremony I caught them behind the church checking out their rings..

Remember this?

Well here’s an updated version.

Just a nice little shot.

So happy..

We went around to the back of the church again.

For some very calm portraits…

I like this one April snagged.

Normally I’m not a wide lens shooter but with this view I had to.

They’re both like models.

My facebook teaser.

Now we’re at the Wild Center.. this is called the rainbow bridge. Props to AK for this image.

This might be my fav from the whole day.

I made them go sit in some of that “purple stuff”

It’s a tree in a box!

Pretty cool…

The tent did not lack any detail.

Some rings.

First dance..

Props to groomsmen of the year Jake… Jake is the kinda guy everyone should have in their bridal party. Totally fun!

The Elario Photo Booth was crazy!

Everyone loved it! Including me.

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