kristin & bill: saratoga national

What an awesome weekend! Who’d a thunk it that Saturday was a 90% chance of rain yet no one ever had a drop touch them? Seriously these weather people don’t know anything. I’m thru with listening to them. Let’s just fly by the seat of our pants from now on. Anyway its always fun being in good company and the Dascher family and friends are no strangers to us. I say it all the time and I’ll say it again, its all about having fun. And fun it was from the minute we stepped into the Dascher home. Kristin was all smiles and couldn’t wait to get that gown on an put her hands in the awesome pockets it had. Seriously I’m digging all the dresses with pockets this season, maybe I’ll start having my brides carry some lenses for me. So we opted to shoot inside not because of the humidity but because this home was gorgeous! Videographer Al Woodard was on the scene capturing some crazy stuff as well. I don’t know what he’s doing but his stuff is better than ever so go check him out. After the house it was off to church where the one and only Father Doyle said the mass. As we were heading up to Saratoga I was watching the light drop off but as soon as we arrived we grabbed a golf cart and onto the course we went. I’m stoked with the images we came back with, there’s something romantic about the light that comes after the good light leaves, see for yourself. I’ll ad that this is the craziest party I think I’ve seen all season, Al can vouch for me too. The guests were dancing to the dinner music DJ Paul Malo was playing. Seriously, they even pushed me into the circle like twice! All and all another sweet wedding with awesome people all around us all day. We thank you guys for having us document your day, congrats!

Enjoy, leave love,

Since I always show a dress shot here’s something a little different.

I love this shot.

The veil was something really special. Both Kristin’s Mother and her late Aunt wore it. I love that Kristin’s younger sister is helping her put it on. Maybe someday Kristin will help her do the same thing.

Mom loves it!

So does Grandma.


The shapes and colors, awesome.

There are those pockets. Flowers by Surroundings.

The bridesmaid dresses had some sweet color going on.

I haven’t shown a limo shot in a while and I liked this one.

Here we go…. one of my fav’s of this portion of the day.

This is my #1 fav though.

One more colorful one!

The room was looking pretty damn good huh?

I’ll end it with this little moment from their first dance…

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