Last Friday we set off a hectic Memorial Day weekend with Kristina and Matt’s wedding! I’m sure you remember them from their engagement session I blogged last July right? Anyway we set things off up at the Gideon Putnam hotel in Saratoga Springs. Kristina and her girls were hanging in suite 228 being completely hilarious and ready to roll. Sue and Amy of Make Me Fabulous were on the scene, such a pleasure to work with these ladies. Then some sweet florals from Renaissance Floral Design showed up. This was also the first of two days in a row we got to work along side the lovely ladies from CASL Productions. Can I just go on the record and say it was pretty warm and muggy? That was no thang though. Kristina and her girls weren’t phased whatsoever as they laughed and goofed during our little pre ceremony photo session. Matt and his guys were also pretty damn cool, looking suave in their purchased slim fit black suits. I love this look! Before Matt ventured into the church he and his boy’s had one last toast or shot. It was then time for a wedding. I believe 3 or 4 of Kristina’s bridesmaids all sang different songs at different points of the ceremony. Talk about talent. They killed it. I’m not taking anything away from the other girls who sang but the lovely lady who sang the for processional was incredible. All the guests were frozen in their spots in complete awe of this talent. Thank god Kristina and Matt had video of this. When we arrived to the Hall of Springs we got the photos we needed to get and quickly too. Why so quick? Umm, because the thunder was booming. Later we’d find out it never did rain but you just never know! The party was great. DJ Tim Wedeman did his thing. Thanks to our girl Hayden Yund for rocking the Elario Photo Booth. This was the first of 3 for the weekend. Thanks so much to Kristina and Matt. You guys are just so awesome and easy to work with. I wish you nothing but decades of happiness!


Some jewels..

finishing touches..

Kristina’s bridesmaids were hilarious. I asked them what they we’re singing in church and they go into R Kelly’s Ignition.. so funny.

It wasn’t all jokes though… Mom loved seeing Kristina as a bride..

Some flowers by Renaissance Floral Design and a happy bridesmaid..

Ok so this sums up Kristina and her girls.. Just a bunch of fun people..

who love to goof off..

Even when Kristina isn’t looking they’re clowning.. My favorite line of the day comes from the girl all the way to the right “Damn girl the back of your head is ridiculous.” I imeaditately cracked up because I know the skit she was referencing.. update: i’ve been told it was gillian who was saying it.. (thats the girl to the left of kristina) sorry!

After the laughs were over I did manage to get one serious one..

Can we talk about how classic Kristina looks?

Easy to photograph.

One more because I like this one..

Matt, looking good man. Loving that his suit was purchases and fitted.. It does make a difference 😉

In fact all their suits were purchased..

One last shot.. love their faces in the one after the shot.

Considering Kristina’s love for music…

Loving the moment where everyone collects their thoughts..

This ones just great. Its like staged. I love the pride in Matt’s mothers face. Easily my favorite shot from the whole day..

Loving this one..

We revisited a spot from their engagement session.

Thought I’d share one from that hot July day…

my facebook teaser

just another classic shot..

I love how green everything is this time of year..

A little Elario configuration..

love it.

The Hall of Springs..

Flowers by Renaissance Floral Design

1st dance…

Party time!

How you loving another new drop it MODERN? This one is called Peacock. I’ve had it since early December and I’ve been dying to us it. I love this one!!

Thats all folks! Thanks for stopping by!!

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  1. Kristina, You look stunning! The gown photographed beautifully and your bridesmaids look beautiful also. The flowers went so perfectly with the color of the gowns. We are so happy for you and so happy you were our bride!! It is wonderful to see everything you told us about over this year come together. Best always,
    Allison, Denise & Teri

  2. A very happy-energetic-fun-loving album!!! You are the best and there’s no doubt on that. Loved these shots. Truly amazing!!!!

  3. Totally love the shots of Matt twirling Kristina and the configurations. And, you are right about those bridesmaids – so funny and so talented. Congratulations to Kristina & Matt!

  4. what a GREAT session….gorgeous ladies, sharp lookin guys in their suits… what fun! and def love the emotion of the parents in those shots you have, JP 🙂 Everything looked stunning and you did a great job (again) of capturing it all on camera 😀 Congrats to the new couple!!!

  5. We had Pre-Cana with this couple… how funny! Great shots, looks like everyone was having a great time! Congrats guys!

  6. These pictures are amazing!! Even though the day FLEW by, I feel very lucky to have these wonderful images to cherish forever!! Joe and JP, I can’t thank you both enough for capturing these moments…they are perfect!

  7. I love seeing e-shots and then getting to look forward to the wedding. 🙂 Yay! AND I love the Hall of Springs. Well we know this. Kristina and Matt, yahoo!!! These are great. Everyone looks fabulous!
    I really love the energy in these shots. The girls are awesome with all their faces and expressions, the guys all look sharp in the suits (btw, the pic where you said they all had their suits they purchased, matt’s face looks like he’s saying “Yea that’s right!!!”). The pic after the shot is priceless 🙂 Love the jewelry shots (gorgeous blue ring), and Kristina you are indeed a classic beautiful bride. Muggy? You’d never know to look at you all – you all look cool as cucumbers.

    I love seeing the Hall in different seasons. This is really beautiful, the colors, the couple… congrats again guys!

    Big Joe and JP, beautiful stuff. 🙂

  8. What a fun group & such gorgeous images!! Congratulations to the beautiful bride & groom!
    PS– The suits were perfect & I love the girls dresses too!!

  9. Aww I know them from High School! 🙂 So amazing to see everyone growing up


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