Krystal & Adam’s Canfield Casino Wedding Photos

Oh boy do I have a good one to share with you all today. We're all loving Krystal & Adam's Canfield Casino wedding photos over here! While it's technically "spring", the winter weather hung out a little longer for Krystal and Adam. But it was a mild day when you compare it to weeks ago.

We setoff wedding day at the motel hotel, Holiday Inn (say what) in Saratoga Springs. In the bridal suite was Alayne and her crew from Make Me Fabulous, my man Al Woodard and of course maid of honor Soo Kim who introduced herself to me as “JP Elario”? Lol. Needless to say the suite was full of good and fun energy. It was also pretty darn organized too. After all this isn’t Krystal’s first rodeo, no no she wasn’t already married. She’s a wedding planner! Two wedding in planners in one month? Yup! Her business is Kris Royal Weddings so check her out ya’ll! With that said, the day went very smooth for us.

Next stop was the Canfield Casino! My favorite moment of the day was their first look. Krystal’s reaction was priceless as you’ll see below. To avoid the cold temperature we then headed into the parlor for all family and bridal party photos. Shooting Krystal and Adam’s bride and groom portraits were a blast, they made it so easy for us. Before we knew it the ceremony was set to begin. Time to tie the knot!!

The ballroom was beautifully decorated by none other than Fleurtacious Designs. The new and improved Elario Photobooth was in the house and it was time to get this thing underway. DJ Vinny Vin of NonStop Music set this wedding off with a bang! From the first dance all guests were on the floor getting down. I had a blast at Krystal and Adam’s wedding!! I want to do it all over again!

Krystal and Adam, thank you guys sooooo much for choosing us 20 months ago for your wedding! I knew then it was going to be a great one and that it was. You two are both awesome people and we all wish you nothing but the very best in the years ahead! Keep smiling.


Where we last left off with their engagement session.
March 29, 2014.. Love the shoes!! hot hot hot.
Just in time for baseball season.. Love this ring shot.
In the bridal suite.
Oh boy did she get made Fabulous. Love the hair!
finishing touches on the fella Adam..
stunning waistline on that gown..
Love these! The light was so great in that suite.
Some beautiful flowers by Fleurtacious Designs.
The ladies..
Watch out ya’ll! Krystal brought it..
1st look!
love her reaction..
Adam’s gift from Krystal..
cheers! and can I mention my man rocked a midnight blue tuxedo? I’ve been waiting to see this at a wedding. That’s one of the freshest tuxes I’ve ever seen! Well done (I’m clapping right now).
Kerry made a cameo!
I love this one!!
and this one..
heading off to get married..
The Canfield Casino setup a little different (opposite) for their ceremony. It looked awesome.
here she comes..
Big Joe sneaking around with that Lecia..
and another one.
making it official.
Mr & Mrs..
time to have a little fun in the park!!
love these two paired together.
and her lace shawl was a nice touch!
the spin!!
my second absolute favorite image of these two alone.
navigating the wet park.
their ballroom!
Did I mentioned Fleurtacious Designs killed it? Cause they did!
such great details!
Let’s get this party started!
Love this one.
my man and local legend Rich Ortiz sang their first song. This dude is the best!
Soo (aka JP) giving her toast.
Vinny Vin had the Casino glowing all night with his sick uplights!
party people and party food.
throw em up!
and spangled makes its first debut of the season!!
this photobooth was cranking all night!
Oh thats A W (“alfie woodward” AKA Al Woodard)
Congrats you two!!


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