a fun lake george engagement session with alex and geoff

I’ve been looking forward to sharing this one for a week. Like from the second I was done shooting it I wanted to blog it. Whats not to love about shooting on Lake George? Especially in Bolton Landing where in my opinion the lake begins to take on more character. Whats also not to love about some good looking people, a boat, water, a dog and some fine clothing to compliment all this? When I pulled up to the house I was stoked. Us photographers get into this state of mind when we arrive at a beautiful location. Its like our eye’s and creative juices get overwhelmed but instead of shutting down we just kill it! At least I hope I did! πŸ˜‰

I must say, I had a great time with Alexandria (Alex from now on) and Geoff. These guys were just fun to be around and easy to photograph. Like I said above the location was great but Alex and Geoff were the ones who made this session wonderful. Ok, Alex’s father, Tom also made it fun. If he wasn’t driving us around in the boat he was firing his cannon off at those big boats that pass by. True story. Although he doesn’t actually “shoot” them (it fires blanks) but the noise is enough to knock you on your ass. If you’re ever up in Bolton Landing specifically around the Sagamore (which is where their 2013 wedding is) and you hear a cannon go off you can bet its Alex’s father Tom yelling “fire in the hole!”. Too fun! I can’t thank you guys enough for having me up to your lovely home for this session. It was also great grabbing a bite after at The Sagamore. Thanks for treating me to dinner!! See you guys soon!


Meet Alex & Geoff..

This pretty little backdrop is Alex’s parents home on the lake. I fell in love and want to move in.

The colors they chose were so fun and perfect!

Another couple nails the Elario Configuration. πŸ˜‰

We’ll pause for some sweet details..

Outfit #2… loving this shot!

this was a great look for the boat… right down to their Sperry’s

The Sagamore is where their 2013 wedding is.. How about that backdrop? Lovely.

then the light got sweeeeeeeeeet!

had to toss a b&w in.. Loving this.

Ah! This was my facebook teaser. The color is amazing.

more nice light…

I love when couples include their dogs in these shoots! Chloe did not disappoint, especially with her fetching skills.

Oh hey there pretty lady..

No doubt that outfit #3 had some nice colors.

See the boat in the background? These are what Alex’s father, Tom fires at..

Look at him with that cannon! He’s like a kid! Love it!

It was a super hot session so we had to cool it down.. πŸ˜‰ How freaking awesome is this??

Loving this one a lot.

and we’ll now end with my token “bling shot”

and the turnaround always makes me smile..

then they went for it.. YES!!!

obviously a fun couple.. you think i can get them to do this in their wedding clothes??

See you guys soon!!!

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