Sunday August 28th 2011 around here will be remembered as the day we met Irene who was a hurricane/tropical storm. It will also be remembered as Laura and Edward’s wedding day. I woke up that morning and knew it was going to be a complete wash out but I had one image come to mind that I wanted to get. Lets be honest, there is nothing easy or fun about working in the rain. Now you throw a tropical storm into the mix and it really gets interesting. For starters Glen Sanders Mansion didn’t have power, no biggie though. Mazzone and his peeps are so awesome they were prepared and had a generator. Thats how they roll. The day before this wedding Kris Ann of Fleurtacious Designs (their florist and my wife) told me she was going to bring everything but the bouquets to Glen Sanders that night incase the roads were bad or whatever. Thats right folks she ventured to Glen Sanders around 12am on Saturday night (or Sunday morning) while I was just getting home from my wedding that day. Laura and Edward (aka Trey) were lucky to already have both Kris Ann and Glen Sanders on their side, these guys don’t mess around when it comes to weddings. Back to their day. To save power on the generator for the reception GSM had limited light. Alayne from Make Me Fabulous had to work in the main ball room which was half lit for all their hair and makeup. When we showed up it was a interesting scene to see Alayne setup in the ballroom. Using the light on my iPhone I ventured upstairs to the real bridal suite and determined there was enough window light coming in to shoot the getting ready stuff in there. It was actually fun. Laura had the best attitude about the whole situation. The storm didn’t matter, I called her the day before and she said “Come hell or high water, Trey and I will get married tomorrow!”. Before heading to Union College Chapel we made a spontaneous pit stop at the Stockade Inn. On my facebook status that day Trey mentioned they had a billiards room he thought looked good so ask and you shall receive. Then over at Union College it was time to do the first look. I love their first look, so much excitement and emotion. I also love the fact that we had this beautiful setting to work in. Why don’t more of you guys use this chapel? Its incredible! So they got married, it happened and it was time to head back to GSM. I however had one more shot in mind. Like I said, I woke up thinking about this image. Listen you don’t get married at Union and not get your photo in front of the iconic “Nott” building! All we needed was an umbrella ella ella and boom! Now its party time and the joint was jumping. DJ Jeff Scott proved again he knows how to pack the dance floor. Its not hard with Union College peeps because they know how to party. Laura and Trey, we can’t thank you enough for having us. You were both just so fun as were your families and friends. This is one for the books right? Much love to you!



Literately the only light was about a 5′ opening behind me.. No flash because thats not how I roll.

You gotta have fun right? Alayne was so funny with this little head light…

I love these b&w’s..

Flowers by Fleurtacious Designs

Once that veil gets put on it’s like you’re officially a bride and thats what Alayne must be expressing here.

A father see’s his daughter for the first time as a bride..

Ok stop right there. Wow. You’re doing it Laura

Over at the Stockade Inn Trey and the fellas..

First look time at the Union College Chapel

A cute little series.. A little fact about these.. Nor myself or my father shot this. Our friend Amanda was working with Kris Ann and I said ok, I’m going to set the tripod up with the 200mm 1.8L, compose the image,  and you shoot the hell out of this first look. Thanks Amanda!!

They were so happy to see each other..

I love the classic look here in b&w..

We had a little overhang… It was raining pretty good behind them.

The yellow flowers look sick (that means awesome) against those bridesmaids gowns.

Laura bought all these crazy umbrellas so we had to use them for one shot..

More stunning bride images..

The Elario Configuration…

We then headed upstairs away from the rain..

This place is gorgeous..

I love this image…

Ok.. its wedding time!!

Trey and the boys on deck..

Laura and dad on deck..

Such a great moment..

Again, I don’t think this place gets used enough. I’d love to shoot more ceremonies here.

This is Laura’s “we did it!” expression.

Mr and Mrs..

OK. While Laura was standing there in this doorway her and Trey were the last people to leave the building. I said, we have to go to the Nott building and take a couple shots. Laura said something like “but its still raining”. I just gave her a look and said “this is why you got married on this campus”. There was a moment of hesitation that was probably 2 seconds but felt like 2 minutes to me and then they went for it. Just so you know, I wouldn’t have let you get on that bus until I got you both in front of that building holing my b&w umbrella.

Not only was this my facebook teaser it was the image I thought of when I woke up that morning. Thank you for trusting me.

A little wind cameo from Irene..

A behind the scenes.. This is special to me because I was so freaking happy I got them outside.

Back at the Mansion the sun actually made a brief cameo.

I’ll end here because I love this image. Congrats you two!

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  1. Ok so I am really behind in commenting….. I still can’t believe this day. I was a nervous wreck! So as JP said I went up the night before with all the “hard goods” so I could bring a smaller vehicle the next day. So the morning of I was off and headed to Glen Sanders, I even got the before the rest of the Elario’s (They are always early). As crazy as I thought they day was going to be, everything went perfect! I was so happy to be part of Laura & Trey’s wedding, they were a great couple, have a great family (I love your grandfather 🙂 ) and they embraced Irene and went with it, I don’t think I would have handled myself as well. All the best to you both- KA

  2. Well, as usual, the dynamic duo (that’s you guys, Big Joe and JP), manage to make a day where others were literally boarded in look like just another rainy-ish day! Laura, I’ve got a lot to say about these – first off, when I was following the storm I asked JP if they had a wedding to shoot on Sunday. He said yea, but that they were going to take care of you guys – I had no doubt of course. You are a trooper, and it is so clear from seeing the pics and the look on your face that you kept in mind what the day is all about – you and Trey. 🙂
    Onto the images:
    Doppler ring shot – of course you did 🙂
    ALAYNE – I LOVE the head lamp. Awesome. Again, with these pics you wouldn’t know just how dim it was in there. Looks as bright and crisp as if all the lights were on. but the head lamp – awesome. I had to do that at work once, but that’s another story 😉 Beautiful, and she looks FABULOUS of course.
    I have to say, I do love the feelings you guys caught. The look on their faces (esp Laura) has the quality of “We did it” like you said JP, but also it looks like they could easily be the only two in the room right there, just taking each other in.
    The rain. NICE. WORK. ON. THOSE. SHOTS. I can’t even begin to scratch the surface, but I love how you can seriously see how much it is raining, and yet they still look pretty damn dry. You guys are brave. The Nott shot – classic, and the little surprise windblow by Irene was a great little candid. 🙂

    These are overall just wonderful. Let this be a lesson for all brides – you can’t let the weather rain on your parade (literally). It’s all about what the day means, and you marrying your groom, becoming family. And if you’re lucky, the rain will even give you some amazingly special pics too. Glad you guys are all safe and sound up there, hope the bride and groom are celebrating somewhere warm… and dry. 🙂

    Sorry I’m behind folks, but growing a baby is tough work 😉

  3. Wow, goes to show not even a little hurricane can ruin a photographer’s day… great job JP!!! love the series from beginning to end 🙂

  4. thanks for sharing this unforgetable moment… everything looked fabulous…and will be a day to remember for years to come… all my best to you laura and trey… luv… bev kerber

  5. This is absoulutely breath stopping. What a picture perfect wedding day! You and her Mom must be so happy. Love your picture above. Teary………best to the newly weds parents. remember there is an old saying, ” it is harder to untie a wet knot than a dry one.”

  6. This wedding was packed with some amazing, dedicated vendors! And I must also give a huge shout out to the amazing family…no hurricane was going to get them down! This wedding was a ray of sunshine amid a dark, dreary day! I was so happy to be a part of it. Thanks for the props Joe! It was fun playing photographer for a few minutes 🙂

  7. I have so much to say about this blog. First off Mazzone and the staff at Glen Sanders were beyond amazing and I am officially one of their biggest fans. From getting us power, making extra food for us and the bridal party, helping us and the bridal party move all our stuff, all while trying to get a girl out of the stuck elevator. Everyone remained calm and accomodating to this couple and our team!! Jp who was on his game and even though Laura’s dad and I thought it was a bad, bad idea to leave the hotel and go the the Knot… they were closing roads all over Schenectady, it was pouring and the wind was blowing so hard. The bride was determined to get married there and JP was determined to make it happen for her as well! Kris Ann and I thought they were both crazy!! And to my MMF team, who did all the hair and make with no power and no lights most of the time. There was not one of us that wanted to leave our homes that morning, but we did and helped make the day fabulous. This will forever be one of my all time favorite blog posts. Not to mention how stunning every photo is!! Oh and did I mention the bride and her mom were so much fun!!!

  8. I never comment on blogs but had to on this one. The emotion and love in these photo’s is INCREDIBLE. I love that they overcame the weather and showed Irene that she was not going to get in the way of their wonderful day! This folks is what weddings are supposed to be ALL about. It is not about all the crazy details that everyone stresses about or how much you spend; it is about the love that a couple shares for one another and sharing the day with your family and friends. AMAZING!

  9. Laura and Trey – a HUGE congrats!! I have been waiting to stalk this blog post for sooo long! I didn’t doubt that Union College alums would overcome a hurricane if a party was involved!! All the Gamma Phi gals looked absolutely gorgeous (that was expected as well!). Wishing you all the best.

  10. you elario’s are awesome, regardless of weather, all of these wedding pictures are beautiful! JP I LOVE the ring picture on your iPhone doppler radar, so clever! way to get that couple out to the Nott! Union is the best :). Kris Ann, the flowers are so pretty, the yellow with the gray dresses is great. congrats to the bride and groom!

  11. Kristen, I agree. I teared up. They look soooo happy and I love the image of the bride’s veil blowing when they are outside the Nott building. So much emotion in so many of these photos.

  12. Good morning from St. Maarten! We can’t thank you enough for being part of our wild wedding day and braving the wind, rain, floodwaters and lack of electricity (COMPLETELY unfazed). I am very lucky to have been surrounded by such an incredible group of people on 8.28. The pictures speak for themselves. . . you are amazing! Thanks again, Jp

  13. . . . a wonderful blog , displaying a super-duper couple ”
    thanks for choosing “elario Photography,Inc” .
    btw – not JP or I met with this couple “Laura & Trey” before that day , they hired us based on our blog images first.

  14. I’m sure they’re happy they went outside too! Those pictures were full of personality!

  15. I don’t know why, I don’t know these two, but this one made me really emotional. I cried. So many beautiful moments.

  16. This post was amazing!!! Any Bride and Groom who are stresed out on your wedding day remember this couple!!!! Dont sweat the little stuff!!!! Jp glad you got them outside the Union Nott is a must rain or shine it is so cool and the inside is even cooler. The chapel however i will warm gets a little toasty on warm summer days… speaking from Grad school graduation experience! Great shots guys. Congrats guys – Laura you shined enough to make the rain invisable! Hope there was no rain on the honeymoon!!!!

  17. JP, although I am a huge fan on yours, I rarely take the time to comment on the MANY blog posts I stalk but was compelled to for this particular wedding.

    This wedding is a real testament to you and your father as true professionals in the field. Your photos are just as beautiful and lovely as those you shoot on the sunniest of days. You didn’t let something that could have potentially ruined your bride/groom’s big day stand in the way of delivering the “Elario magic”. The bride looks beautiful and the photos are perfection. Everyone looks amazingly calm given the circumstances and I am sure it had to do with what you and Big Joe brought to the table. No matter how much people might “flatter you” with imitation, THIS is what sets you apart from other area photogs.

    Laura and Trey, congrats to you both! …how lucky are you guys that you got married on such a memorable day?! Who gets so say their wedding went off without a hitch in a HURRICANE!? I love the photos of you guys outside in the rain 🙂


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