laura & edward: glen sanders mansion

Sunday August 28th 2011 around here will be remembered as the day we met Irene who was a hurricane/tropical storm. It will also be remembered as Laura and Edward’s wedding day. I woke up that morning and knew it was going to be a complete wash out but I had one image come to mind that I wanted to get. Lets be honest, there is nothing easy or fun about working in the rain. Now you throw a tropical storm into the mix and it really gets interesting. For starters Glen Sanders Mansion didn’t have power, no biggie though. Mazzone and his peeps are so awesome they were prepared and had a generator. Thats how they roll. The day before this wedding Kris Ann of Fleurtacious Designs (their florist and my wife) told me she was going to bring everything but the bouquets to Glen Sanders that night incase the roads were bad or whatever. Thats right folks she ventured to Glen Sanders around 12am on Saturday night (or Sunday morning) while I was just getting home from my wedding that day. Laura and Edward (aka Trey) were lucky to already have both Kris Ann and Glen Sanders on their side, these guys don’t mess around when it comes to weddings. Back to their day. To save power on the generator for the reception GSM had limited light. Alayne from Make Me Fabulous had to work in the main ball room which was half lit for all their hair and makeup. When we showed up it was a interesting scene to see Alayne setup in the ballroom. Using the light on my iPhone I ventured upstairs to the real bridal suite and determined there was enough window light coming in to shoot the getting ready stuff in there. It was actually fun. Laura had the best attitude about the whole situation. The storm didn’t matter, I called her the day before and she said “Come hell or high water, Trey and I will get married tomorrow!”. Before heading to Union College Chapel we made a spontaneous pit stop at the Stockade Inn. On my facebook status that day Trey mentioned they had a billiards room he thought looked good so ask and you shall receive. Then over at Union College it was time to do the first look. I love their first look, so much excitement and emotion. I also love the fact that we had this beautiful setting to work in. Why don’t more of you guys use this chapel? Its incredible! So they got married, it happened and it was time to head back to GSM. I however had one more shot in mind. Like I said, I woke up thinking about this image. Listen you don’t get married at Union and not get your photo in front of the iconic “Nott” building! All we needed was an umbrella ella ella and boom! Now its party time and the joint was jumping. DJ Jeff Scott proved again he knows how to pack the dance floor. Its not hard with Union College peeps because they know how to party. Laura and Trey, we can’t thank you enough for having us. You were both just so fun as were your families and friends. This is one for the books right? Much love to you!



Literately the only light was about a 5′ opening behind me.. No flash because thats not how I roll.

You gotta have fun right? Alayne was so funny with this little head light…

I love these b&w’s..

Flowers by Fleurtacious Designs

Once that veil gets put on it’s like you’re officially a bride and thats what Alayne must be expressing here.

A father see’s his daughter for the first time as a bride..

Ok stop right there. Wow. You’re doing it Laura

Over at the Stockade Inn Trey and the fellas..

First look time at the Union College Chapel

A cute little series.. A little fact about these.. Nor myself or my father shot this. Our friend Amanda was working with Kris Ann and I said ok, I’m going to set the tripod up with the 200mm 1.8L, compose the image,  and you shoot the hell out of this first look. Thanks Amanda!!

They were so happy to see each other..

I love the classic look here in b&w..

We had a little overhang… It was raining pretty good behind them.

The yellow flowers look sick (that means awesome) against those bridesmaids gowns.

Laura bought all these crazy umbrellas so we had to use them for one shot..

More stunning bride images..

The Elario Configuration…

We then headed upstairs away from the rain..

This place is gorgeous..

I love this image…

Ok.. its wedding time!!

Trey and the boys on deck..

Laura and dad on deck..

Such a great moment..

Again, I don’t think this place gets used enough. I’d love to shoot more ceremonies here.

This is Laura’s “we did it!” expression.

Mr and Mrs..

OK. While Laura was standing there in this doorway her and Trey were the last people to leave the building. I said, we have to go to the Nott building and take a couple shots. Laura said something like “but its still raining”. I just gave her a look and said “this is why you got married on this campus”. There was a moment of hesitation that was probably 2 seconds but felt like 2 minutes to me and then they went for it. Just so you know, I wouldn’t have let you get on that bus until I got you both in front of that building holing my b&w umbrella.

Not only was this my facebook teaser it was the image I thought of when I woke up that morning. Thank you for trusting me.

A little wind cameo from Irene..

A behind the scenes.. This is special to me because I was so freaking happy I got them outside.

Back at the Mansion the sun actually made a brief cameo.

I’ll end here because I love this image. Congrats you two!

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