lauren & chris tie the knot

Ah yeah, here’s another one for ya! We all remember Lauren & Chris from their engagement session right? Well Saturday September 11, 2010 we had the honor to hang with these guys as they tied the knot. This was the type of day all weddings should be like. The weather was perfect! No humidity, a little breeze, blue skies and not a chance of rain whatsoever. We set things off at Lauren’s mother Cindy ‘s home. This was also the spot for their reception but we’ll get to that in a bit. After some preparation shots with the ladies we headed to Emma Willard School in Troy. There we would find the guys looking dapper in their tan suits. What a great look! I believe the suits came from Tuxego in Latham. Anyone who know’s Anthony from Tuxego know’s he’s a top notch tuxedo rental company in our area. After we photographed the guys it was time for Lauren and Chris’ first look. Then they tied the knot exiting the chapel through a bunch of bubbles. We headed back into Troy for some photos with the classic car on the cobblestone. Once we were done with those photos we headed back to Averill Park to Cindy’s home where Classe Catering and Vinny from Non Stop Music took over. I’d be crazy if I didn’t mention Fleurtacious Designs and those colorful flowers! Also we worked with one of our favorite local videographer-et’s 😉 Cheryl & Amanda from CASL Productions. I’m sure Cheryl will have something on her blog soon (no pressure Cheryl). So that about wraps this one up peeps! Lauren and Chris, we can’t thank you enough for choosing us to capture your big day and what an awesome day it was. We had a blast!


Lauren is a big fan of the Boston Terrier between her and her sister Sarah I think they have over 5 (maybe more)? Anyway here is the newest addition “Fenway” (*rolls eyes at name 😉 ) rocking their rings..

The shoes on some logs..

If it weren’t for Lauren’s sister Sarah (former neighbor of ours) I probably would have never met Lauren. We miss you in our hood Sarah 😉 Anyway Sarah was a great MOH putting some finishing touches on Lauren who looked stunning btw.

Lauren is always smiling and laughing..

More birdcage veils ladies. Please? You know us photog’s love these things..

Sup fella’s? Seriously though this is a great look for a laid back outdoor reception.

Chris might be quiet and laid back but my man always has the relaxed pose going on. He know’s how to work it. I’m sure he’s rolling his eye’s reading this too. LOL

Kris Ann, where do you get those fuzzy flowers?

Love this one.. no staging here.. Lauren’s ready to see her man.

First look time…

How great is his face?

Emma Willard sure is something else huh?

Love the short dresses with the pockets. Such a great color too!

I must have said something funny..

Love this one too.

Some nice bouquets from Fleurtacious Designs

Another one of Lauren..

I had to pull Chris into this one..

Yup, it was that kind of day..

On deck… Lauren had both Mom & Dad walk her down the aisle.

Love these two.

Lauren is just full of spunkiness.

Seriously, the sky couldn’t be bluer and the grass greener.

Troy, NY…

One of my favs

My facebook teaser..

I love all the lines and perspective on this one..

Ahh the Elario configuration..

Just sitting on the steps enjoying a laugh.

A few little details..

A snippet from their first dance..

and I’ll end with “Fenway” because he’s so damn cute.

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