Lauren & Johnny’s Mohonk Mountain House Wedding Photos

It’s time for Lauren & Johnny’s Mohonk Mountain House wedding photos! And I must say while most brides and grooms probably dream of a beautiful sunny wedding day there is something to be said about having the complete opposite. In fact it was the weather that made this one special for me. That fog, the fall colors and the rain was sure a nice combination. Plus, I like a good challenge and I happen to think that is sometimes where we shine the most. Two days before the big day I spoke to Lauren on the phone and when I asked how she was and she responded (regarding the weather) “I could use a JP pep talk”.  So I gave her one and assured we’d bring it like a mailman, rain or shine, snow or sleet we’d crush it. I couldn’t be happier with these Mohonk Mountain House wedding photos! We all want to thank Lauren and Johnny for sharing their special day with us. This one goes down in the books as one we’ll never forget! Much love to you both and congrats again!!


October 4th 2014..

You might remember their AMAZING engagement session from last year. If not I suggest you go look now.. πŸ˜‰

Getting beautified…

Get that party started girl!

Sup ladies!

Getting ready with Mom and sis. 

1st look with Dad!

Hey Johnny!!! 

Thankfully the Mohonk Mountain House has many covered porches so we were able to utilize them to stay dry!


So pretty. Love that belt. 

1st look!!

Obviously he loved what he saw. 

Getting the view of the whole package πŸ˜‰

The men. 

Love this bridal party shot!

Time for a Big Joe Polaroid! 

Shake it like a Polaroid, y’all

Those colors!

I absolutely love this one.. 

I love how the fog muted all the foliage.

Again the colors…

I wonder how many rocking chairs this place has? 

Remember this one? 

Seems everywhere we shoot has one of these binocular things..

A few grandparents waiting for the ceremony to begin. 

But first a fist bump with Dad.. 

Downstate folks looking for an amazing officiant peep Rev Lisa Zaro

Here comes the bride!

A view from up top. 

πŸ™‚ hahaIt’s official!

Mr & Mrs.. 

Now it was time to brave the rain.. You gotta love a couple who just goes for it.

This building is massive, if you ever see it in person you’ll know what I mean.

All the guests watching on and probably thinking why the heck we were out in the rain..

This is why were were out in the rain… my favorite from the whole day.. the rain was coming down here and it didn’t matter one bit..

An umbrella spin? Why not?

Oh man these are pretty b&w’s..

Some details from their reception..

Party time!

1st dance. 


and they danced the whole time!

The Elario Photobooth in full effect! More pics here!

And guess what? The rain stopped!!

So we shot out in the amazing gardens where these two were suppose to have their ceremony..

So pretty!

Another one I love from the whole day!

The sun even popped out for a second. 

Congrats again, love you guys!


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