November 9th 2013 had been one of those wedding dates that was incredibly popular and we got many inquiries for. Lauren and Neil snagged it up in August of 2012! The early bird gets the worm (I guess I’m calling myself a worm??). So since August of 2012 I’ve been hyping this one up in my head as I know how those Troy families get down. Did it live up to the hype? It sure freaking did! Lauren was the stunning bride that we all knew she’d be and Neil busted out his swagger card and killed it for us. To be part of their day was an honor!

We set this one off at Lauren’s mother, Gina’s home. Gina is my neighbor so every time I’d see her out and about she’d say “are you ready for November 9th?”  I love her! On site was C Dubs (wedding planner Christine Wheat) making sure everyone was dressed, ready and on time as she always does. As always I’ll tell you all how big of a fan I am when it comes to wedding planners or day of coordinators, they make everyone’s day worry free. Over 50% of  the weddings we’ve done this year have had coordinators, well done. After Lauren’s hair and makeup was wrapped up we set this thing off right and headed outside for some portraits.

It was a long haul to the church to catch up with Neil and the fellas. Not really, the church was directly across the street from Gina’s home where the ladies were. The men all looking dapper (that includes the 3 members of duck dynasty too). Neil was calm as always and ready to see his love. Five minutes before the ceremony all the ladies walked to the church (talk about saving a few bucks on transportation). Uncle Gary stopped traffic on Pawling Ave in Troy so all the ladies made it to the church safely! It’s one of my favorite photos from the day. Then they tied the knot, kissed, then did the rings, kissed again and skipped the prayer of the faithful (if you attended you know what I’m talking about). Father Vaughn was so funny and delivered such a cute and fast homily.

Next stop, where else but downtown Troy? I mean after all these guys are Troy people so it only made sense. We shot our bridal party image in record time (which was fast considering how many people were in that photo) and then captured some sweet pics of our bride and groom with the remaining foliage left! In November after daylight savings you do a lot of what I like to call “chasing the clock”. So we quickly headed to The Crooked Lake House for more wedding photos of our bride and groom. I had Christine bustle Lauren’s dress on the bus to Crooked Lake to save us time. Between downtown Troy and Crooked Lake House I had under 20 minutes of time to capture what we did and we weren’t even shooting the whole time. I’m stoked with what I got too, which is what separates the men from the boys when it comes to wedding photography. Am I gloating? Maybe a little but a lot of time people don’t know what goes into the behind the scenes of capturing images. Not to mention Lauren and Neil made it too easy for me to get sweet photos!

Can we talk about the amazing transformation Party With Mia (Aunt Maria) did to The Crooked Lake House? Astounding! Really, she knocked it out of the park for Lauren and Neil. There were so many nice details and special things at this one. Lauren and Neil’s faces lit up when they walked into their ballroom. It was not only fun to watch but fun to capture. And oh yeah the New York Players absolutely crushed this wedding. I think it got to the point where they were just showing off. Seriously how does this band keep blowing my mind after all these years? So to say this reception was off the hook would yes be an understatement. Watching these two enjoy every element of their wedding was a blast. There was a lot of love in that room on November 9th, I kinda want to do it all again. Gina, you game?

Lauren and Neil, I should wrap this up because I’m rambling on but there was just so much great stuff to talk about from your wedding. I loved working with you both. The hot air balloon shoot last year was my favorite thing I shot last year. Your wedding goes into that top category as well. Words can’t say thank you enough for having team Elario Photography capture your day. Thank you! I hope Hawaii is treating you two well and the mai tais are flowing. Aloha, players.


If you have not seen this engagement session please go look now… I’ll wait..

November 9th 2013
Sorry I’m in pajama’s but I just got off the PJ.
The gown..
not one but two rings for Lauren..
Kyle does her thang…
oh hey now.. looking good, Lauren.
Getting ready.. how about Mom?? Looking good, Gina!
This was sewn into her gown.
first look with… everyone!
showing Dad..
Radiating beauty
speaking of handsome… Neil gets ready with his best man VJ.
love the little glimpse inside here..
Oh hey ladies..
so pretty..
yeah girl, work it!
it was too easy for me..
There he is!
along with 14 of his boys…. (and three of them were on the 2013 Red Sox team lol)
Neil and his fishing..
so much swag.
Ceremony details..
Stopping traffic on Pawling Ave like whoa!on deck.. collecting his thoughts..
taking a breath.
it’s go time.
all eyes on me when I walk in..
making it official.
ok it’s party time!
Mr & Mrs..
Aaaaaahh.. love this backdrop.
now it’s time for some bride and groom shots…
awe snap!
love this one..
a favorite of mine..
like seriously how perfect are these two with each other?
Werk it.
my #1 favorite..
ok.. let’s head to Crooked Lake.. C Dub’s already on her next move with celly to the ear..
boom! what a sick backdrop!!
it’s love ya’ll..
watch out now!! that’s how you pop bottles at the Crooked Lake!
another favorite..
seeing their ballroom for the 1st time! Don’t you just wanna hug Maria? She’s so huggable.
and this is what they saw.. wow.
Other vignettes of the CLH.. cigar lounge. inside lounge..
Super fun candy table!!
making their entrance…
listening to VJ’s toast..
“the blondes” toast Lauren and Neil.
1st dance!
more yum yums
Head table transformed into a desert table.. off the hook!
bringing the pain!
so fun!
the violent dancer, Brooke… healing nicely for March..
love these two!!
so much fun!
oh and the Elario Photo Booth was insane!!
we all remember Tiffany and George right?
3 of my favorites..
crazy party people..
more nuttiness.
Alex the Barking Bear and his lovely lady, Ashley
Elario 2011 alumni 
congrats you two!!!


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