lauren & neil’s hot air balloon engagement session

Last month, when Lauren and Neil met with me about shooting their November 2013 wedding we got to chatting about engagement sessions. Lauren candidly mentioned something about a hot air balloon. Apparently their engagement party invite had a graphic of a hot air balloon and a friend of theirs said it would be cool if their engagement session was with a hot air balloon. Off went a lightbulb in my head and I googled for hot air balloon rides in this area. Anyway I ended up finding the Adirondack Balloon Festival website. Originally we were going to do the 5:3opm time on Sunday but then I read more and realized the 6:30am launch (with 100 balloons) was the one to shoot at. Cut to 4am on Sunday morning when I woke up. I think I had only 3 hours of sleep. Anyway Lauren and Neil picked up Kris Ann and I (because we live around the corner from each other) and we headed up to Glens Falls. We arrived at the airport and they have you park on the runway. Then we start walking toward the balloons. The funniest thing about the whole morning was the looks people were shooting, Lauren who’s all dolled up in heals and a red dress walking down the runway. Everyone else was in hats and hoodies. Too funny! All we did was laugh. Little did they know we were about to make Elario Photography history!! I gotta tell you this engagement session ranks up there in my top 5 favorite of all times. It was unique, it was fun, it was colorful and obviously different from anything I’ve ever shot. It was a bit of a challenge because I really had no clue what to expect. The balloons start inflating and then they take off, so you have to be quick. Plus it was a lot darker than it looks in these images. I’m beyond thrilled with the outcome of these images. Photographing Lauren and Neil was easy and fun. I cant wait to do it again in 14 months! Thanks to you both for trusting my crazy idea and waking up at the crack of dawn too! Enjoy these images as I know I am!


Meet Lauren and Neil… The color was incredible from the very first image..

I gotta give these guys mad props, to jump into being photographed with hundreds of people watching and look this comfortable was so natural for them.

And then the balloons began to inflate.

One of my favorite things was how the backdrop was changing constantly. Wow!

I just love this.

Hot air balloons are a work of art.

Its hard to pick a favorite in this session.. I do love all the negative space and color in this one though.

But how about the couple?? Sure the balloons are amazing but they’re pretty good looking huh?

They look like they’re having fun because they were!

This image is easily the most popular teaser image I’ve ever posted on my facebook page. Over 4o comments and 275 likes!! Thank you all for the kind words and love!

Another fav from this scene.

although this was very much a colorful session I thought, why not a b&w?

killing that Elario Configuration

A wardrobe change… again, I ask how good looking is this couple?

I couldn;t help but keep the goofy balloons in the backdrop.. Love the T-rex eating the cake.

and I’ll end with my token “bling shot”

and the turnaround!!

ok one more… once they all took off I looked up and thought the sky looked amazing. A silhouette  was a must have! Aaaaaah!!! Congrats you guys, see you soon!!!


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