lexie’s 1st year

This is not your typical wedding or engagement blog. This is a documentation of one my favorite things in my life. Thats right my little pal Lexie. For some of the newer blog readers Lexie is our dog (duh). Kris Ann and I got Lexie back in October. I often will say she was my good luck charm for the Yankee’s winning their 27th world championship since we watched almost all the playoff games together at a young 9-11 weeks old. Lexie is named after another love of mine, Rolex watches. I wanted to name her Rolex or Rollie which then turned into Lexie since it was less obvious. She has made the last 10 months just the best. I seriously don’t know what we did before we got her. She is just one funny little dog and I hope those of you who have not met her yet get a chance to in the future. When she’s not here in my office sleeping in the window while I blog she’s probably greeting customers over at Kris Ann’s flower shop. Folks, this dog has the life. She’s also totally cute. The reason for this blog is Lexie turns one year old on August 14th and since the first day we got little Lexie I’ve been photographing her. So here is just a little collection of one of my favorite things in my life. I know I speak for Kris Ann when I say I just love this dog.


She had my number from one of the first frames I snapped of her. This was literately the night we brought her home. She still has that little monkey too.

She was like “whats this thing you keep pointing at me that clicks?”

As I mentioned above we got Lexie in the fall. The colors in mid to late October are just awesome.

Back then a curb was a mountain…

Kris Ann love’s buying this dog clothes. This image just makes me smile every time I see it. Its crazy how damn tiny she was.

Cant get me!

I had to bring her into the studio..

not interested..

All the ladies say it together now “awwwww’

A month or so later I tried the red for a holiday photo.. I think the intensity of the red made her a little angry. Is this where you tell me dogs are colorblind?

I just love this one.

She was loving the snow from day one.. me? not so much.

I know I know… I blame my wife again for this. Christmas morning Lexie wore pajamas and opened presents. I know, I know..

She’s got the “seriously?” look in that image on the left.

When I drive she just chills out riding shotgun. My little co-pilot. This image reminds me of the Jay Z – 99 Problems video.. I think its just the gritty b&w.. She just needs a straight brim fitted Yankee hat… we’ll get to that.

A typical Lexie look.. she’s saying “are you leaving now? don’t go”

Lexie again gets tortured by my wife. In Kris Ann’s designing room at the flower shop Lexie rocks a tutu.

She has many funny faces..

She also yawns a lot.

On opening day I taped one of those cups you’d get ice cream in to her head. Haha. Hate on Sox fans, hate on..

I just love the monochromatic images.

Since everyone should be photographed with the 200mm 1.8L

I just love this one too.

Kris Ann’s at it again… she bought her doggles. Yes, doggles. My Mother calls this the aviator shot.

Kris Ann bought Lexie to visit me at a wedding this past June so I took a shot. Liked the whole fire hydrant thing even though she’s a girl dog.

This was last week.. My munchkin is all gown up.

and not feeling her party hat. Kris Ann strikes again! Props to Kris Ann though, she did make this hat. She’s so talented. So this is Lexie’s official “I’m one” photo. Thanks for viewing…

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