liam in the park

I’m sure you all remember from 2008. Well I had the opportunity to catch up with them along with their 8 week old baby boy Liam. We shot a quick little session in Albany’s Washington Park. This little guy’s super cute and did really well while braving the cold and the wind at his young age. It’s always flattering when previous clients have you back to photograph their new additions! Thanks Kathleen & Kevin, it was great seeing you both and congrats!


Just one of my fav images from their September 2008 wedding…

This is easily my fav from the whole shoot. The color and his expression are just awesome!

Oliver came along for the shoot.. Doesnt he look like an Oliver?

How cute is he? I love that little sweater vest.

The fam!

Kathleen thought it would be cute to put him in a little basket. Liam, not feeling it much.

But Kevin thought it would be cute to Yankee it up along with a baseball glove. Liam liked this much more. Also he’s sticking his tongue out to all the Red Sox fans!

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