lily: 8 days old.

I’d like to introduce you all to my newest blog stalker Lily. Nah I’m sure she has no clue what a blog is and by the time she’s an average brides age I wonder if we’ll still be blogging. Anyway Lily’s mom Stephanie apparently is a blog stalker and her girlfriends got together and bought her this awesome session as a baby shower gift. How cool are her friends? I know you all wish you had friends that were that cool huh? So just this morning Stephanie an Dan welcomed me into their beautiful home and had this adorable little baby waiting to be photographed. I’m totally thrilled with the collection of images I got for them. Little Lily is a beautiful baby and I enjoyed meeting her, Stephanie and Dan. Congrats to you guys!


Lily’s room is awesome. These babies rooms keep getting better I tell you.

Little wrinkly feet.
I thought this was an interesting angle and composition.
Now all the ladies say “awwww”
Stephanie is ridiculously photogenic huh?
One of the family. I just love new families.
I caught Lily giving the old one eye snoop.
How awesome is this?
I’m loving that decal.
I hope Lily doesn’t hate me for posting this. How could I not though?
Stephanie and Dan have a lot of b&w’s on their walls I imagine these hanging among the others. Thanks again guys, great shoot!

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