lily’s growing up

I’m sure all my faithful blog stalkers remember Lily right? I photographed her back in May at just 8 days old. She’s now just under 4 months and since Stephanie and Dan were so happy with her newborn photos they wanted to finish her first year with me! Flattered I am. I say it over and over but shooting more than once for a client is the ultimate compliment. I’m excited we have two more sessions down the road with this family. I’m also excited because Stephanie is great with ideas and props. She brought these awesome suitcases other props. I can’t wait to see what she has in store for the next two sessions. Big thanks to TR Laz for letting me shoot on his property for this one. I look forward to coming back again and shooting maybe an engagement session next time. Now its time for me to shut up and slap some images into this post. Great seeing you guys again! Lets get into it!


Hello Lily! Whatcha doing? Oh just chilling on some suitcases? Cool..

There’s a smirk for you!

How adorable is she? I love her flower headband.

Here’s the family! How great is that barn?

Stephanie brought along this bucket. It worked great for having her sit upright at her age without the ugliness of that bumbo thing.

She’s saying “ok get me outa this bucket please.”

Look at her. Come on.. she’s just beautiful.

I love this shot of the two girls.

These are equally as great!

This location has so many opportunities!

Oh the grandparents showed up for a shot too. Stephanie’s father is just crazy about his little granddaughter.

and thats it! We’ll see you soon Lily B!

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