lindsay & anthony’s engagement photos

OK! We’re totally due for a new blog post right? I actually wanted to post this last week but we were out in Pittsburg Kansas but I think I’ll save that on another blog post. Today we’re talking about Lindsay and Anthony. These two are set to wed in just 25 days! This just proves it never too late to do an engagement session. I’m glad they did too! I love more than anything getting to know our couples. I had never met these guys until our session was set to begin. Now I know them but more importantly they know me and my style of how I shoot which can make wedding day that much more easy. To say I’m totally happy with these images would be an understatement. It was a great evening for shooting. Lindsay and Anthony are just comfortable in front of the camera and are quite fun to be around. I thank you guys for having me capture these for you and can’t wait till May 21st! It’s right around the corner!


I’m loving this new location I shot in. A great spot that I look forward on using again..

I’m really loving all the lines in this one.

Sometimes I break rules.. we weren’t allowed up here. A photographers motto is always to ask for forgiveness, not permission. 😉

I teased this one on my facebook but if we were friends you’d know that already.. Anyway, I really love it. Lindsay looks so content.

So simple, yet it says so much.

I’m crazy about this spot on the bridge.

these images are my favorites from the first set.

Lindsay can be really fun! I can’t wait to see her as a bride.

She can also turn it on real quick too.. So comfortable in front of the camera.

a couple with the old tilt shift lens..

Here we are at another “unauthorized location”.. only this time I asked permission. I didn’t want to get us kicked out 1 shot into outfit #2

love it

I almost made this the fb teaser then I thought I’d save it for the blog instead.

The configuration. Lindsay has killer eyes…

the kind of eyes that pull you right into the photo.

winding down here with a laugh..

Then I kicked Anthony out of the frame (sorry) because I wanted just one of Lindsay.

Holly for my token “bling shot” a windy one at that! See you guys in 25 days!!

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