lindsay & bob: 373 days later

I’m excited to blog this one guys! You might remember Lindsay & Bob from our 2008 season. These guys tied the knot last September 6th and lets just say the weather was less than favorable for them. As far as rain goes this was one of the wettest weddings of the 2008 season. That being said it really didn’t effect Lindsay & Bob’s day. When it rains on a wedding day you go with the flow and embrace it. Anyway when Lindsay & Bob asked if they could hire us back for a post wedding shoot we were all about it. You’ll see why when you see the photos. The piece of property they live on is absolutely gorgeous! I remember on wedding day driving up their driveway looking to my left and seeing this unbelievable cornfield and thought to myself what a shame we can’t use this today. So we tried to arrange this shoot a few weeks after their wedding but the corn was all removed. Then we decided to push it to the one year mark or as close as we could get it and call it an “Anniversary Shoot”. So 373 days later Lindsay & Bob got back into their wedding gear and we knocked it out the park. I love this shoot, I love this couple and I’m stoked that Big Joe and myself could give them the images they deserve. Lindsay & Bob, you guys looked as great as you did on September 6, 2008 thanks for having us back!

Enjoy, leave love,

No rain clouds here!

Loving this stuff.

How sweet is that light?

American Gothic style.

Imagine this is your backyard? I could sit here all day!

That cornfield was like 7 feet tall. This is my fav from the wedding gear photos.

I love this serious look.

She thinks my tractors sexy? We had to switch it up for fun right?

This is my favorite series.

Lindsay’s so fun. Your looking and some butter light right here too.

Some more sweet b&w’s…

One more in a different field.

Love this image too.

My favorite from all the images.

We shot into that last sliver of the the good good light. Congrats to you guys 373 days later!

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