lindsay & chris: saratoga national golf club

Ok! It’s July and it’s hot!! This month alone we have four weddings this month at Saratoga National Golf Club and we’re setting it off with Lindsay and Chris!! You might remember these guys from their engagement session I blogged last June. I knew back then they would be an awesome bride and groom. They were so fun to photograph too! We set the day off at Lindsay’s parents home. It was a calm start of a hot day. When I arrived it was quite and I actually asked Lindsay if the bridesmaids were in the house. Once our bride was officially a bride she headed down the stairs to be greeted by her parents and two sisters. I always love those moments! We stepped outside for a little bit and photographed the ladies, they all looked stunning as did the florals by, David Michael Schmidt of Renaissance Floral Design. Once we finished up at the house it was off to the church to meet up with the guys! Then they were married! We headed up to Saratoga National Golf Club and kicked some serious butt out there. Al Woodard and myself were loving the images we came back with. The fields at SNGC are in their PRIME (pun intended) right now. Wow, I loved them so much I already printed one for the wall at SNGC! True story. The rest of the day went on flawless as usual. DJ Music Man Mike Garrasi, rocked the house like he always does too! Also in the house was the Elario Photo Booth ran by our girl, Hayden! Thanks to Hayden and the booth, Lindsay and Chris now have hundreds more images of their friends and family! I must say thank you to Lindsay and Chris! Back in April of 2011, they chose their date around our July 2012 availability. That means more to us than you know! It really does. You guys know I had a blast capturing you day too! We all did! Can we do it again soon? Kate? Erica? (no pressure). Again, thank you guys so much!! Keep the love strong for years!! Peace, JP Let me kick start your memory with one from their engagement session Now onto July 7, 2012 getting pretty!! A little help from sisters, Erica and Kate. All the Keville’s.. I loved her gown!

A stunning bouquet by, David Michael Schmidt of Renaissance Floral Design


Ok.. lots of prettiness happening here.. And the stud, Chris.. How sweet is the front of this church?? Dad, collecting himself before he walks his daughter down the aisle. Really, this place is gorgeous. Not going to lie, it was hot in there! Mr and Mrs.. The backdrop was just perfect! Then we get to Saratoga National and see this! Such a pretty spot! My favorite image from the day. Currently this is being printed by my awesome lab as a 20×30″ canvas. It will be on the wall at SNGC Saturday. Boom!

Working out the Elario Configuration..

Ahhhh! a nice detail.. When we all woke up on July 7, 2012 there was not a blue sky… Thankfully “Mother Nature” hooked us up! The Saratoga National Ballroom by, David Michael Schmidt of Renaissance Floral Design First dance.. And of course, the sunset pics! Classic July sunset.. and backdrop “canary” was popping in the Elario Photo Booth!! Remember this Elario bride and groom from the past?? Well here’s a future Elario bride and groom… thats how they roll.. of course, the sisters! and I’ll end with this one.. congrats you two!!

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