lindsay & john: canfield casino

All I know is I’m loving the photos from Lindsay & John’s wedding. We have said it before but the Canfield Casino remains our favorite ball room of all time. The angles and lighting this room offers are endless. One of the great things about the Casino is the location, Saratoga Springs in the summer is about as good as it gets around here. Speaking of locations Lindsay & John picked Spit & Spat for their ceremony and what a good choice that was, there really is nothing like an outdoor ceremony. They also picked a prefect ceremony time because about one hour after their ceremony it rained hard and it never stopped. However the rain never stopped me, according to the data on my files I not only got the formal group shots done I also finished the photos of just Lindsay & John in just under 18 minutes, 5 minutes after that the rain came. Not to brag but thats good! I’m confident that Lindsay & John enjoyed the remaining hour and ten minutes of their cocktail hour. Seriously thats just how we operate, we don’t take all day taking photos, your paying for time and you should enjoy it.

This party was off the hook! The room looked spectacular thanks to the talents of my fiance Kris Ann Blanchette owner of Fleurtacious Designs. The party started strong with some crazy intros by the bridal party. Tim from AMS Entertainment did not disappoint, when he opened up the dance floor it was packed and these guys partied hard. Thanks to Lisa Jubert for helping me out on this one.

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the greatest bar in saratoga.


the guy’s wanted their bad a$$ shot.
















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