Why were we in Jackson Hole, Wyoming? We were there shooting an amazing and incredible wedding that took place during the week. You might be wondering where the images are huh? Out of the respect for our client’s privacy we’ve been asked not to share the images. I know, bummer but we will always honor and respect the privacy of our clients.

Having known our clients wanted to keep their wedding photos private, I wanted to come back with something to share with you all. Since Lindsey and Ryan (best man of the groom) are very good friends of the couple who got married and were approaching their 4 year anniversary we decided to capture a “4 years later” shoot. I shot this the day after the wedding at a location we had also used during the wedding. In my opinion it’s very much “Jackson Hole” and just a perfect spot to photograph at. To say I’m in love with these images would be the biggest understatement of the year. I can’t get enough of these images. We love Lindsey and Ryan to pieces, we look at them every day when we’re in our offices as a 16×24″ b&w portrait of them still hangs on the wall 4 years later. They were the reason we had the opportunity to shoot the wedding last week in Jackson Hole and for that we say THANK YOU! Lindsey and Ryan, we hope you guys enjoy these images as much as we do. Here’s to many more years of marriage and keep smiling.


We’ll start this with an image I took 4 years ago at their wedding.
4 years later like a fine wine I present Lindsey and Ryan..
The wood on this building had some amazing texture..
and wonderful lines..
It was a windy and cold night but boy was it beautiful out there.
a capture Big Joe snagged with the Leica.. Lindsey soaking up the light.. love it.
Back to my session.. I can’t deal with all the beauty.. The colors… my lord!
so fun..
They had a blanket in their car that was just perfect for this session..
I wish I had a pic like this of me and my wife! Looks like we’ll have to go back! Bummer! 😉
I kept reacting in shock of what I was capturing which instantly put a smile on their faces.
the boots.. with the spurs…
lets have a closer look.. so fun.
a little behind the scenes of me in action..
Keeping her warm..
Lindsey is such a poser.. we love her.
Easily my favorite image from the session and this will make the walls.. I love everything about it.
Mmm.. the light..
in an instant the light is gone and the sun has set..
and then you get some amazing stuff.. this fence was so cool.
The Grand Tetons are one hell of a backdrop huh?
My man, working the swag..
She’s so fun, I knew she’d “bring it” to the shoot.
a couple more…
so 4 years have gone by.. lets see where the years take you from here…
One more of Lindsey warming up in my hoodie..
when we left the shoot the moon was full and beautiful..
Now here are a couple personal favorites of mine I took while in Jackson Hole…. this one is an HDR of one of the mormon barns in the early morning with the Teton’s peaking through.. This was Jackson’s “first snow” of 2013..
On the day of the wedding we took a drive in the morning and this was one of my favorites… I wish you could see it on like a 30″ monitor, so pretty..
Now onto Big Joe’s collection.. he did a little more scenic stuff while out there..  I love this one… again early morning.
The juxtaposition of these is stunning..
I swear while we were there the leaves changed color overnight..


Another beautiful contrast..

Jenny Lake..
Horsing around (corny joke I know)
I’d like to renovate this place and live here..
this was from 10,450 ft up.. Rendezvous Mountain..


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