Lisa & Greg’s Central Park Engagement Photos

I love shooting engagement photos in New York City. Central Park is a great place for shooting as well. There is however, a quiet spot in the park that's less touristy and beautiful for shoots. I'm stoked to share Lisa and Greg's shoot in the Central Park Conservatory Gardens...

Change of plans!! That was the theme on Monday when prepping this engagement session. It turned out our original location for shooting wasn’t accessible anymore. Lisa called me wondering where we should shoot. I remembered this beautiful place in the park I shot last year and thought this would be a great alternative for us. Turns out it was! I loved shooting here again, it’s just beautiful. It was great getting to know Lisa and Greg as we’ll be doing this all over again in seven short months. Thank you both for having me come down to NYC to capture these images!! See you soon!


Meet Lisa and Greg…. I love that image on the right..
We jumped right into the Elario Configuration.. they nailed it of course.
I look at this image and hear Jethro Tull “sitting on a park bench!” hahaha. I sit here in my office and crack myself up sometimes when I write these blogs!
bling it in..
I love all these images in this spot..
my favorite.
Lisa, you’re going to make a beautiful bride. Greg, you’re a lucky fella.
New outfit alert!
How great is this place to shoot in?
I loved this spot too.
so pretty.
I got a whistle blown at me for standing on the sacred grass to capture this image.. forgiveness before permission.
A beautiful walkway..
The Vanderbilt Gate..
Such a perfect b&w..
and of course, my token “bling shot”
and the turnaround!!! see you guys soon!


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