We’re back with our 3rd wedding this month at the Canfield Casino! Having back to back to back weekends in my favorite place ever sure was a treat! Especially ending the August Canfield run with Liz & Dan. These two were so laid back, photogenic and fun to shoot. And their party… What a BLAST! The dance floor was jammed all night!! We cannot thank Liz & Dan enough for having us. Congrats to you both!


August 14, 2015..

Getting “made fabulous”

loved the lighting in that hotel room!

Finishing touches by Liz’s sister and Mother..

1st look!

Oh hey beautiful!

Bridal party!

Hey ladies!

Love this one..

Another favorite..

That touch of color from Dan was nice..

Looking good you two!

A beautiful detail shot by Jake!

Time to tie the knot!

Here comes the bride.

They’re married!

Mr & Mrs..

Every wedding guest was given a wager on a horse race. Very Saratoga!

Party time!


Back outside for some more b&g photos!!

Man I love the exterior of this building!


Aaaahhh that light

As always DJ Vinny Vin of NonStop Music packs the floor and the rest is history. Congrats you two!


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