Liz & Rene’s Saratoga Engagement Photos

Whats better than shooting inside the track? Shooting inside the track on Travers week! Well Liz and Rene were lucky enough to snag the Tuesday evening slot for an e session. I had a blast with them and can’t wait for their wedding next June. If our shoot was any indication of how wedding day will be then sign me up! Big thanks to these guys! See you next year.


Meet Liza and Rene.. 

I always will love shooting in this mess of benches. One of my favorite spots..

Standing on the dirt track on Travers week!


No bets today..

Pretty cool to have the whole place to ourselves.

Mid e shoot champagne break where else but in the winners circle.


Round two..

it was about to pour so we were able to crank through these

Love this one!


And my token “bling shot”

Don’t mind my hair (it was a humid day).. See you guys next June!!

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