Every now and then a wedding like Lizzie and Mike’s come’s along. A fun outdoor vibe with good times and good people was their theme, well that and a little J.CREW inspired looks as well. These kinds of weddings are just fun and laid back but I also think being outdoors on a nice day/night has that effect on people. From arriving to the home the wedding was hosted at right thru into the evening was just fun. Lizzie & Mike’s friends know how to have a good time as you’ll see from just a few photo booth images.

We set things off on the right note. Lizzie and Mike had a great first look and my favorite expression’s of the day came just seconds before Mike turned around to get a glimpse of his bride to be. After some quick photos we headed up the road to the church. Talk about being early too, that always happens when Christine A Wheat’s Special Event Planners are on the scene. Bride’s and groom’s, go get yourself a wedding planner, nuff said. So their ceremony took place and then followed a balloon exit with Lizzie and Mike holding one blue and one yellow balloon. Before I knew it we were back at the reception location and it was party time. The decor and flowers came straight from that talented wife of mine Kris Ann Elario of Fleurtacious Designs. She did a wonderful job and nailed the vibe Lizzie and Mike were going for. As I mentioned above the photo booth was off the hook Lizzie and Mike’s friends were just crazy! We’re glad this is how we got to spend May 22, 2010. Congrats to Lizzie and Mike!


Oh hey Lizzie!

Gotta love some blue shoes.

I was really thrilled to see this as the guys attire. Nothing at all against tuxedo’s but in my opinion this is the look for an outdoor reception.

I guess the little guy didn’t get the aviator memo?

Just one of some finishing touches.

First look…

Such a happy couple.

Gotta love this…

Kris Ann really does some awesome designs.

Lizzie was such a happy bride.

This is like Pottery Barn meet’s J.CREW meets JP

The Sunday morning facebook teaser.

How great is this church?

Not only good light and quaint… but most importantly air-conditioned!

Mr & Mrs….

A quick balloon release…

and a kiss.

Now it’s time for some cocktails..

I’m loving the clothes pins.

A couple details of their tent.

The newlyweds in that good good light.

working it!

Before I knew it we were in the photo booth area. I wanted that light in the next image.

and I got that light I wanted.. fav image of the day.

Less than a minute after the shot above they danced their first dance to Better Together by Jack Johnson. So appropriate for this couple.

I just love the sea of color going down the table.

Lizzie brought some props for her photo booth.

The jump is definitely a trademark of our photo booths.


I’ll end the photo booth with this one because it’s just funny…

Congrats to Lizzie and Mike!

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  1. You both looked so amazing. Your photos are beautiful and they look like so much fun. So happy for you. Congratulations!

  2. JP and Joe, thank you so much for giving us beautiful memories of our special day. We can’t wait to continue working with you both in the future! And we are so excited to see the rest of the photos! Love, Mike and Lizzie

  3. I love the pictures! It was a fabulous day and you captured it so well. Exceptional! Thank you so much.

  4. Absolutely beautiful and made us miss being there even more. We are so proud to be your godparents, Lizzie. You both look so incredibly happy together and hope that happiness lasts for 50 years. Hope to see you this summer. Love to you both. Dan and Colette

  5. Slammin post… great shots man. And I might add, I had a hunch that the flowers were Kris Anns… you guys are so talented.

  6. Absolutely beautiful and so glad you shared with all of us who couldn’t be there, especially your godparents. Makes me even sadder that we weren’t there. You two look so happy and I hope that happiness lasts for the next 50 years. Hope to see you this summer. Love you both, Dan and Colette

  7. Love the pics! Gorgeous of Lizzie and Mike. Can’t wait to see more of Finny and Ash too (what can I say, I’m a proud sister and momma!)

  8. Beautiful!!!! I love the look on their faces just before their first look too – what a beautiful, BEAUTIFUL wedding!!!!!!! Every detail, so quaint, so classic, so perfect. Lizzie looked positively beautiful, and Mike and his boys all were working the blazer and khakis (and ties) nicely!!! Oh and the aviators. Ha.

    Gorgeous work as usual JP and Big Joe 🙂 Having seen many other people’s wedding photos I can say (again) you guys are the best.

    Congrats Lizzie and Mike!!!! What an amazing celebration!

  9. I love all of the details – so beautiful! Congrats to the bride and groom, and great job, JP!

  10. every photo looks like it’s straight from a magazine! nice work, as always 🙂


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