madeline + dave = nicco

It’s that time again on the blog. The time when I get to showcase an adorable baby. I met Madeline and Dave back in 2009 at Tracy & Matt’s wedding where Dave took more picture in the photo booth than anyone else andย then again at Jivon & Anthony’s wedding where Madeline was the token dancing bridesmaid. Needless to say I created a little blog stalker out of this married woman. I think somehow we could play the 6 degrees of separation with people on this blog and ย get back to Madeline. So the time came and her belly began to grow. This is when I started receiving phone calls that apparently I was on Madeline’s baby shower registry. True story folks. Her awesome friends and family got together and purchased some “E dollars” to gift Madeline and Dave a first year of life shoot with little Nicco. I thank you all for making this possible for them! Now I hope you all enjoy Nicco’sย precious face because it’s not the last time you’ll see him on the blog.

Happy blog stalking City of Troy! Peace!

A week ago little owl was born.

I love little baby feet.

He’s got some head of hair on him huh? Not to mention great eyes…

hot mama alert!

Love this..

this one I love too..

My facebook teaser image!

Precious one right here.

I’m sure you all would like to have a basket of Nicco…

this kid’s handsome huh?

Congrats to Madeline, Dave and their families! See you all soon.

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